Fall Premieres Guide for 9/25-9/30

Fall TV premieres are like Christmas Morning for TV fans. Here’s what’s coming back this week, and what you need to know to be caught up!

The Big Bang Theory: S11E1

Monday, Sept. 25th

The Big Bang Theory (8:00 PM on CBS)
Last season ended with a marriage proposal cliffhanger! How could they do that to us? Will Amy say yes to marrying Sheldon?

The Voice (8:00 PM on NBC)
Any show that gives me the chance to watch talented singers mentor really great talent has my attention!

Young Sheldon (8:30 PM on CBS)
Pilot. If you love The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon then prepare to meet him as a child. He's everything you'd think he would be! The trailers are witty, with this precocious child lording his intelligence over, well, everyone. Hmm, remind you of anyone? This kid is adorable in all his Sheldon glory!

Kevin Can Wait (9:00 PM on CBS)
This has been such major TV news. Is it really a spoiler to say that Erinn Hayes is no longer part of the cast? In the new season we find that Leah Remini is no longer a recurring character but a series regular, *wink, wink.* I love Kevin and Leah sparking off one another, so hopefully this’ll be a smooth transition!

Me, Myself & I (9:30 PM on CBS)
Pilot. Bobby Moynihan was one of the longest running members of SNL but now he’s left all his costumes and voices behind for this brand new sitcom starring one character at three key periods in his life: adolescence, forty-something, and retirement. This could be really good.

Scorpion (10:00 PM on CBS)
Last season, Waige finally happened and we start this season with the morning after and what sounds suspiciously like a musical episode. Cue the band! Scorpion is as playful as ever!

The Brave (10:00 PM on NBC)
Pilot. Mike Vogel and Anne Heche lead the cast, with Vogel taking his crack team of soldiers into the most dangerous of situations. Doesn’t sound that fresh on paper but the teaser trailer is really good and the production values look pretty high. However, it all comes down to the writing, quality of the stunt work, and the choreography of the action scenes. I have my fingers crossed as Mike Vogel deserves a good show.

The Good Doctor (10:00 PM on ABC)
Pilot. Young Freddie Highmore can do no wrong. Let's hope this pilot is great and the season is even better *crosses fingers*. It's a slightly different scenario from Bates Motel, to say the least. Freddie plays the youngest doctor in a hospital, who has autism and savant syndrome. The show has already been ordered to a full season, which should give it time to develop and hopefully find its audience. The excellent Richard Schiff (Toby from The West Wing) is Freddie's champion in the hospital, despite the efforts of a hostile board of directors trying to stop Freddie from starting his residency.

The Opposition With Jordan Klepper (11:30 PM on Comedy Central)
Pilot. I think the title tells us all we need to know...that and it's from Comedy Central. This could be really good!

This Is Us: S2E1

Tuesday, Sept. 26

NCIS (8:00 PM on CBS)
This season promises answers to last season's epic cliffhanger of Gibbs and McGee being held captive and beaten in Paraguay. Get them free and back into that orange office!

Lethal Weapon (8:00 PM on Fox)
This could have been just one hour of fun each week but it brings real emotion, mainly in the form of Riggs’ grief. The show has a great movie franchise to build from, with a wide audience. They've kept Riggs and Murtaugh at the heart of each episode and put in as many exquisitely choreographed action scenes as possible. It doesn't hurt that the two main actors are excellent in their roles.

Bull (9:00 PM on CBS)
The charismatic and talented Michael Weatherly kept last season in motion but hopefully the writers will have had time to regroup, especially as there’s a new showrunner – the legendary Glenn Gordon Caron, brought in to make Jason Bull more vulnerable. Does this mean we might also see more character development in both the series regulars and recurring characters?

This Is Us (9:00 PM on NBC)
Our favorite family returns! 'The Big Three!' Remember watching the pilot from season 1? Wow, that was a twisty, emotional beginning and it just got better each week. It feels like the whole world is waiting for this flawed, real, wonderful family to return to TV. There aren't too many details about the new season except that we start the very next morning after last season's cliffhanger! At some point in the season we will find out how Jack died, so have tissues at the ready.

The Mick (9:00 PM on Fox)
Kaitlin Olson is a star. She’s hilarious as a truly awful but ultimately lovable surrogate parent to her rich sister’s three kids. If season 2 is as good as season 1, we’re in for a treat!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (9:30 PM on Fox)
Any show that has Andre Braugher in it just has to be good (when will he get his Emmy?). This police sitcom stars Andy Samberg and season five looks to be just as manic and unpredictable as Jake Peralta! Last year’s cliffhanger was a doozy, so watch out for this premiere!

NCIS: New Orleans (10:00 PM on CBS)
Scott Bakula has taken this show and made it his own. I love seeing New Orleans, particularly as Pride is saving the residents of Clearwater from evil Mayor Hamilton. What really happened up on that roof between Pride and Strong? Hopefully we’ll find out more in the premiere!

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (10:00 PM on NBC)
Pilot. Anyone remember the 'real' trial? This was on every news broadcast, in every paper. I'll be tuning in to see this one, especially as Edie Falco plays Lesley Abramson, the defense attorney.

Empire: S4E1

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Survivor (8:00 PM on CBS)
Yes, it’s back and yes, I would be first voted off as I am a complete wuss and all the creepy crawlies would have me in a nervous breakdown after about, erm, three hours?

Empire (8:00 PM on Fox)
After last season's incredible cliffhanger we have to find out what's happening with the Lyon family. As Cookie says in the teaser trailer, "They don't call us Lions/Lyons for nothing!" We also have the joy of Forest Whittaker joining the cast. Be still my heart!

The Goldbergs (8:00 PM on ABC)
Renewed in May for two more seasons (at least), the Goldbergs enter Season 5 with big, big hair still a major part of the show. What, you thought Stranger Things was the only show set in the '80s? It's funny as a charming family sitcom and is based on the showrunner's real life family growing up. Despite all the characters being funny, George Segal will always be my favorite.

The Blacklist (8:00 PM on NBC)
James Spader's acting is always good, but last season he brought everything to the table and showed us just how exceptional he is. Red was scared, humbled, bewildered, grief-stricken - and betrayed. With just one sigh or grimace we could feel the pain he was in. The love story of Mr. Kaplan’s origins was beautiful, and her link to Lizzie was a breathtakingly emotional reveal. Tom picking up that suitcase with a very old skeleton inside might mean he's going to be on Red's payroll, and still keeping secrets from Liz. That said, now that Red is without unlimited funds, what will he pay Tom with? Fedoras? What do you think? I think this season is going to be a lot of fun!

Speechless (8:30 PM on ABC)
How I love this show! Minnie Driver is utter comic perfection as Maya, the matriarch who won’t stop fighting for her son, who has cerebral palsy, to have a great life and be treated with respect. Of course, that can cause conflicts with his siblings, but hey, comedy needs conflict as much as drama does. This second season looks to be even better than the first as we find out more about Maya (and her side of the family) and J.J. starts exerting his independence. Oh my!

SEAL Team (9:00 PM on CBS)
Pilot. David Boreanaz takes the lead for this new show focussing entirely on the Tier One Navy Seals, the best of the best who go into terrifying situations, sometimes for months at a time, and then come home and try to reintegrate as husbands, fathers, etc. It could be great, I’m always optimistic about new shows and Boreanaz is a big draw. With Tier One veterans on set to keep the show real and grounded, this show just might be really good.

Law & Order: SVU (9:00 PM on NBC)
Such a long-running, successful show. Mariska Hargitay stars as Lieutenant Olivia Benson in the nineteenth season of the show. The cliffhanger of trying to catch you-know-who from last year continues, perhaps taking some members of the team to the other side of the law.

Star (9:00 PM on Fox)
Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt and Lenny Kravitz...now that’s some lineup. They are not, however, the titular ‘stars’. The show follows three girls - two sisters who have grown up in foster homes, and their wealthy friend - and their fight to fulfill their dreams of becoming stars. Anything with Queen Latifah has my undivided attention.

Modern Family (9:00 PM on ABC)
We’re nine seasons in, and the Modern Family machine keeps chugging along, with at least two more seasons promised. Last season the traditional family vacation finale was bumped in favor of Manny and Luke’s graduation, so they’re getting the vacation episode in now for the premiere. Vacations episodes are historically very strong for this show, so bring on the hijinks!

American Housewife (9:30 PM on ABC)
A not-that-wealthy family moves to extremely wealthy Wesport, Connecticut. There, the mother of three has to contend with other mothers who are skinnier, more toned, and more fit than her. Personally, I think she looks great. The baby shower debacle last season left her in a bit of a bind, will all be forgiven and forgotten in this premiere?

Criminal Minds (10:00 PM on CBS)
Whew, this show goes through actors as quickly as it does storylines, yet it’s still soldiering on at season 13. You either love it or hate it - I’m not saying which camp I fall into.

Chicago PD (10:00 PM on NBC)
Voight and the team are back! It’s season 5, already? It’s a solid police procedural that doesn’t shy away from putting its characters in compromising situations. To recap last season’s finale would take this entire page. That said, will Erin return? From the trailers, intense is the perfect word to describe the first episode of Season 5.

Designated Survivor (10:00 PM on ABC)
I only watched three episodes of last season, as I thought it was too quirky and interesting for a network to renew. I hate, hate, hate shows being canceled when I’ve invested so much time in them, so now I feel safe to catch up! Yes! Love Kiefer Sutherland, love Natasha McElhone, love Maggie Q and am really looking forward to finishing season 1 and enjoying season 2.

Liar (10:00 PM on Sundance TV)
Pilot. Saying anything about this would be a spoiler, I’ll just say that it’s British made and stars Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd going out on a date. If I write anything else I’ll just ruin it for you. Perhaps watch the first fifteen minutes, as I did, and see if it’s for you.

Will & Grace: S9E1

Thursday, Sept. 28th

Startup (on Crackle)
It doesn’t really get much darker and twistier than this show. Will GenCoin really take off as a digital currency and will Martin Freeman ever find the money?

Superstore (8:00 PM on NBC)
Comedies, again, are not really my thing but this one looks interesting and has a full 22 episode third season! The always funny America Ferrera works in, you guessed it, a big box superstore, where if something can go wrong, it will. The ensemble cast have well written characters and great comedic timing. Thank the writer’s room for upping their game from the first few episodes of Season 1. This is what happens when a show is given time to develop, so let’s applaud NBC for giving them a chance to make us laugh.

Grey's Anatomy (8:00 PM on ABC)
TGIT! Last we saw, Mer was pushing Nathan into a jeep to go see his long lost fiancée, who also happens to be Kevin McKidd/Owen Hunt's sister. Watching Owen waiting for the helicopter to land and then seeing his expression of recognition as his sister's gurney approached just about broke my heart. Perhaps his sister’s survival might give Owen and Amelia time to get back together? Or decide to separate for once and for all.
As usual, no one will be having an easy time of it. Does it make me a sadist that I love the characters yet also love all the conflict in their life? It seems like there will be plenty of that this season, especially with a fan favorite making her return!

The Good Place (8:30 PM on NBC, time slot premiere)
Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. A match made in comedy heaven (pun intended)

Will & Grace (9:00 PM on NBC)
Just what we all need, our four favorite snarky, bitchy characters return. Will Will have a boyfriend or husband? Will Grace? Will Jack? Will Karen be onto a new husband? Get this episode on TV as fast as possible. If all the episodes were released at once the world would explode with laughter and happiness, but there's only so much we can take, so weekly laugh-ins with Will, Grace, Karen and Jack will have to suffice. We already know it's funny just from the poster.

Great News (9:30 PM on NBC)
With Tina Fey, excuse me, Diana St. Tropez, guest starring in the first couple of episodes of this second season, it really seems that the writers decided to start season 2 with a knockout blow. Fey calls it an old-fashioned funny show. Bring on the laughs, Tina, sorry, Diana… The promos looks really, really good.

Chicago Fire (10:00 PM on NBC)
Last season’s cliffhanger was amazing! Who survived? No one’s telling and this premiere just can’t air fast enough. Please, let all our favorite character’s be alive and okay.

How to Get Away With Murder (10:00 PM on ABC)
I'm not a huge fan of the show but I adore Viola Davis and love watching her act. Every week she is a masterclass on acting that all budding actors and fans of great acting should tune in for.

Nathan for You (10:00 PM on Comedy Central)
Watch. That’s all I can say, I have no words to describe the deliberate and fabulous cringeworthiness of this hilarious and occasionally creepy show. "You weren’t a stalker or anything, were you?" Seriously, just watch it.

The President Show (12:00 AM on Comedy Central)
Pilot. Unlike other late-night shows that only talk about Trump most of the time, this one gives him its undivided attention. Jury is still out on whether this will be entertaining, but it’s Comedy Central, so give it a shot.

Will & Grace: S9E1

Friday, Sept. 29

Big Mouth (on Netflix)
Pilot. An animated comedy focused on that hideous time: adolescence and puberty. The showrunners have been friends for thirty years since they met at school, and this is based on their own experiences.

Tin Star (on Amazon)
Pilot. Tim Roth is notoriously picky when it comes to projects and as his generation's finest actor (imo), he is excellent and Tin Star is outstanding. I'm totally invested in this British family who move to Canada, where Tim Roth is to be the new Sheriff in a sleepy rural town. Sleepy, that is, until an oil company decides that to start building on the town’s land. While it will help the town’s economy, the environmental impact is disastrous, and tensions are running very high. The last couple of minutes of this pilot are chilling.

MacGyver (8:00 PM on CBS)
The rebooted version returns for season two. What will our inventive detective use to solve his next puzzle? Only the innovative writers of this show can say, and they aren’t telling! Let’s hope the critics are kinder to Season 2 than they were to Season 1...

Hell's Kitchen (8:00 PM on Fox)
Ramsay returns. Shouts a lot. Nuff said.

Inhumans (8:00 PM on ABC)
Pilot. Marvel’s universe just continues to expand. You may already have seen the first episode in theaters, it hasn’t met with much critical praise, but hey, what do critics know? We’re all critics here at SideReel!
It’s only an 8 episode run so lets hope the remaining episodes knock the socks off those pesky critics!

The Exorcist (9:00 PM on Fox)
The Rance family went through a complete nightmare last year, the Pope was not harmed and every fan is waiting to see who survived...

Z Nation (9:00 PM on Syfy)
It isn’t The Walking Dead, as it has a delicious bite of comedy to it but hey, surviving a zombie plague isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, they deserve a laugh. Repeat after me, "Choke, die, bite, inject, in that order..."

Blue Bloods (10:00 PM on CBS)
Four generations of the Reagan family return to our screens in season 8, complete with their traditional Sunday dinner. There’s a new mayor in town and Frank is worried, and Danny and his family are trying to piece things together after the arson attack on their home. Every member of the family has a lot going on this year, so things should stay interesting.

Saturday Night Live: S43E1

Saturday, Sept. 30th

Saturday Night Live (11:00 PM on NBC)
Ryan Gosling hosts the season premiere! Music is from Jay-Z. Gal Gadot is in the house, and fresh off his Emmy win, Alec Baldwin is back and playing, well, you can guess who. What a start to season 43! Woohoo!

Tell us in the comments, what shows are you looking forward to returning the most?



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Sep 26, 2017 5:10PM EDT

Thank you for the comprehensive write up @Scotwot!

Large curious kitten

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Sep 26, 2017 8:12PM EDT

With exception of Lore, there's not much must see TV this fall, is there?


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Sep 26, 2017 8:43PM EDT

Seems like I've been waiting ages for the new season of Z Nation....love that show :) And can never have enough Survivor, in any country.

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Sep 27, 2017 10:36AM EDT

If you don't like any of these shows, have you seen some of the other shows coming in the next two weeks??

You're the Worst, Star trek Discovery, Inhumans, Mr Robot.

Broad City, The Good Place, The Mick, Brooklyn 99, Modern Family, Superstore, Nathan For You, The Last Man on Earth, Fresh Off the Boat, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Animated Comedy:
South Park, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Voltron: Legendary Defender.

The Orville, Star trek Discovery, and Inhumans are all new, the rest are returning Series.

@Scotwot, that was a great list! It looks like the golden years of television are upon us.

Large junior addict

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Sep 27, 2017 1:19PM EDT

So far, the two new series that I've added to my watch list are Star Trek: Discovery and Young Sheldon. This is also the time I start dropping series that were borderline for me last year. I've dropped one that didn't look like it was going anywhere new.


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Sep 28, 2017 3:42AM EDT

This is an awesome list and it has quite a few shows on it that I am ready to "see" again. "Lethal Weapon" is great. The two main characters are awesome and they play off each other really good. It is amazing to see what they made out the story in the original movies. And the emotions it makes you feel - this is more than just 45 minutes filled with mindless action.
And "Star Trek: Discovery" is well worth the first two episodes. Who knows what is coming next, but they are worth watching! If they can keep this up for the rest of the show this is going to be a winner!
Really looking forward to seeing Red on "The Blacklist" and to find out where he will be going from here and what he is up to. He always has some kind of ace up his sleeve. And that season finale - talk about emotional!
"NCIS: New Orleans" is my FAVORITE NCIS. Scott Bakula is a great actor and Pride and his team take great care of New Orleans. Happy to see his bar is back in business and he is back with his team. Ready to see the cases they will be solving this season and to who is going to be New Orleans' new mayor - and how they will be getting along with Pride. LOL

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Sep 28, 2017 5:18AM EDT

am looking forward Grey's Anatomy

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Sep 29, 2017 8:38PM EDT

@asleom, thanks so much for your lovely comment, I've missed our chats, so much! : )

@JoP - I really hope you enjoyed the premiere of Survivor and that Z Nation (tonight!) lives up to your expectations. Thanks for commenting. : )

@ZaneAppeal - Hello wanderer! Yep, golden years, definitely. That's a great list you've got there! If you ever get tired of your current job (never...) just lemme know! Until then, keep making us all laugh! :P

@ShetQuaker - I've done the same, some shows that I stuck with till the end of the season last year I am just not bothering to watch, now. Perhaps I'll watch the show finale when it airs.

@KerstinRoush - we're TV soulmates! lol But, we do like the same shows. I have Star Trek: Discovery lined up for the weekend, I'm delighted to know you liked the first two episodes! Yay! Just about to watch 'The Blacklist' as Red always surprises me and makes me laugh - those stories he tells...I know, the season finale had me in tears throughout, esp when Liz discovered that thing about her father. I didn't want to put it in the article above in case someone hadn't seen the show, it's such a huge spoiler, so I left it out. Yes, NCIS: New Orleans is now my fave of the NCIS universe, Scott Bakula rools and the journey they're all on is so interesting. Love it! I highly doubt Pride will get along with ANY Mayor - he and politicians just don't mix, lol. Thanks so much for being so enthusiastic about a list I wasn't sure anyone would want to read, I'm so delighted for you that your shows are back, now go get to watching them! : )

@Aida - I just finished watching the first two episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did. That was one big cliffhanger at the end! We're back at Grey's and I am so happy about that. Thank you for your comment. Beautiful avatar. : )

This was really fun to do, there's another article for Sunday's shows and then another one for next week's shows - there are so many premieres - Fall TV officially rocks. : )

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Oct 2, 2017 7:56AM EDT

@scotwot thank you for replay my comment and i was wonder how you chat with asleom or in anther website

Large snoopy

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Oct 2, 2017 12:09PM EDT

@Aida, you are very welcome. *waves hello*

I am not on twitter yet but hope to be soon, before the end of the week. I don't belong to any other TV websites and I'm not on Facebook, I'm sorry.

I chat with Asleom around sidereel, mainly on a list I have about shows that have been canceled. You are very welcome to come to that list and chat, we'd all love to hear from you. : ) The list is called,

"Oh no, they canceled this show! Why, why, how could they. Add your show(s) here?"

The list is for everyone on sidereel to come and leave their comment(s) about the shows they loved that were canceled long before they feel they should have been. Aida, if you don't have a show, if you want to come along and leave a comment, we'll chat! : )

I think we have over one hundred comments and about 120 shows added to our list. I love that it's a place for everyone to add their show that they miss so much. It's also good to know what shows have been canceled without a great ending.

I hope that helps, I'm sorry I'm not on Facebook or any other TV sites, I think sidereel is the absolute best!

So lovely to hear from you.

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Oct 3, 2017 8:30AM EDT

@scotwot.. thank you very much, can you give me link where you chat

i dont have list to add but i liked to chat with sidereal member

what i like in sidereal is you know late info about your favorite show
and not like anther website sometime news not real but in sidereal
always real

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Oct 3, 2017 3:12PM EDT

I agree, it's a lovely site to spend time with. I love finding out the latest news about the shows I watch. : )

I'll try and include my list link here (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to! Copy/paste into your browser. If it doesn't work then just click on my name and that will take you to my main page. Scroll down and you can see the list, there. : )


I'll get to work as soon as I can on a twitter account, I think it would be really nice to talk about shows and anything else. Again, the twitter account, once active, will be on my sidereel page. : )

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Oct 4, 2017 3:44AM EDT

i got it thank you for the help and when i went to see
shows you like to see they are allot wow


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Oct 4, 2017 9:34AM EDT

Yay! I'm so glad you found our list! Thank you for adding your show! : )

I know, I have so many many shows in my tracker list, the problem is trying to find time to watch them, lol.

Hope to chat again, soon.

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Oct 4, 2017 8:08PM EDT

It would be cool if Sidereel had a comment section for each show, then we could talk about them as they start, have cliffhangers, and eventually end.

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Oct 15, 2017 8:32AM EDT

@ZaneAppeal - I know, I would love that. I did ask about that, about a year ago, but it seems it's quite a big *thing*, although I was told it was still being discussed. So, I guess, we just have to wait and see. That's all I know...

: )

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