Stranger Things Season 2 Teasers & Trailers

The Duffer brothers - creators of the Stranger Things universe - have admitted to agonizing over which scene, quote, image, and frame to include in all of their five trailers for season 2. Some people hate any kind of spoilers, I know I do, but I loved watching these so much! After all, we know there’s going to be a monster and the kids will be at the center of the action, so watch and have fun! Or wait until after you’ve finished your binge to watch them, they’re worth it!

1984 trailer:

This trailer is so much fun! Made to look like a home-made conspiracy-theorist movie, complete with very serious narrator, it begins with the happenings in Will’s life and the town of Hawkins, but then moves onto other ‘stranger things’ that have turned the world ‘upside down’ just one year later in 1984. These strange things include a plethora of all things pop culture, folklore and silliness: Daryl Hannah as a mermaid, film of Russian athletes disappearing at the Olympics (the Soviets as they were then known boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics), Gremlins and even Slimer from Ghostbusters!

Friday the 13th trailer:

We know how much The Duffer brothers love all things from John Carpenter’s Halloween, from the theme music of the show to the font he uses and this fantastic trailer gives us just a little flash of what’s to come in season 2, along with a homage to the movie Friday the 13th used as the countdown. In case it all goes by too quickly, here’s a list of what goes on in the trailer:

  1. Will is in a hospital gown, having a light shone in his eyes.
  2. Scary looking trick-or-treaters emerge from a van.
  3. Terrified looking scientists wait for the elevator doors to close – don’t they remember what happened in the first scene of season 1? Look up, look up!
  4. The kids discover what looks like a hollowed out’s definitely not man-made.
  5. Nancy emerges from a run-down house looking up, ready to confront someone – or something!
  6. Sheriff Hopper is naked, tied up and being hosed down by two people in white Haz-mat suits!
  7. We see Eleven’s legs and the bottom of her skirt running through a forest path covered in snow.
  8. Whatever Winona Ryder is hitting with that long stick (Lucille?), I’m glad I’m not it. Seth Rogen is in the background.
  9. Is that Will’s father? Lemme know in the comments, please.
  10. Mike is holding his ears, what’s making a sound so loud to make him do that?
  11. Who is being given electric shock therapy? I have an idea, but, could it be...? Comments, please.
  12. The chain on the door is lifted again, just as the Demagorgon did in season 1!
  13. Voiceover. "Watch the final trailer, once will never be enough!" Very true.

Nosebleed trailer:

The shortest trailer of all shows Eleven with a nosebleed, and that’s never a good sign. Her narration includes, "...three to the right, four to the left," over and over as we see microfiche images of newspaper clippings documenting the child experiment abuses perpetrated at the Hawkins lab and how Terry Ives's mother unsuccessfully sued the lab and Dr Brenner.

Comic Con trailer/Thriller trailer:

As is to be expected, given the enthusiasm of the Comic Con audience, there are major moments here. It’s the longest of all the trailers, at 3:03 minutes and is genuinely creepy as we discover there’s a new monster in town. Michael Jackson’s Thriller weaves its way throughout and Vincent Price’s narration to that iconic song is given new life as the foreteller of all things season 2. Even more pop culture references are included, such as Sheriff Jim Hopper standing in a tunnel, with a skewed angle making him appear like Indiana Jones. Steve is wearing Tom Cruise’s Risky Business shades, whilst Thriller dancing. The kids go trick-or-treating in Ghostbuster outfits. #adorkable

Final Trailer:

Only one quote needed from this exceptional trailer that is a must-see:
"Do you still have that baseball bat? The one with all the nails?"
Happy Stranger Things binging, everyone!



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Oct 23, 2017 7:11PM EDT

Loving the round up of all these trailers, I hadn't seen a couple of them! I've planned my whole week around the release of season 2, and hopefully it'll be just as good as the first one :D

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Oct 24, 2017 5:22AM EDT

I would recommend Dimension 404 while you're waiting for Stranger Things season 2.

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Oct 24, 2017 6:10AM EDT

Thanks for the rec @ZaneAppeal! I do love find more weird and wonderful tv :)


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Oct 29, 2017 3:56PM EDT

I was worried that the awesomeness of these trailers would get me too hyped. But the show was amazing and makes me sad that I have to wait for more.

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