The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of November 13, 2017

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The Mindy Project: S6E10

The Mindy Project
(Series Finale)

Tuesday at 3 am on Hulu

Why: While I'm certainly ready to say good-bye to The Mindy Project - I think we can all agree these last 2 seasons have not been the show's strongest - let us not forget what an overall success this show has been. The show ran for 6 seasons - 3 on FOX and 3 on Hulu - and over 100 episodes. Mindy Kaling succeeded in created the character she envisioned - a female sitcom lead who was flawed - something rare for women and even more rare for women of color (although since the show debuted, a few more have emerged). If you had asked me in some of its earlier seasons, I would have told you that Mindy was easily one of my favorite comedies on TV. When the show moved to Hulu it also helped put their original content on the map, as at the time they had not yet launched any of their big-name dramas (and comedy-wise it was right around when they debuted their other most successful original comedies to date, Difficult People and Casual). And now, it's time for Mindy Kaling to move on to new and exciting projects and for Mindy Lahiri to ride off into the sunset, maybe with, and maybe without Danny (Chris Messina), but as Mindy has demonstrated in these later seasons of the show, it shouldn't matter, as she has found her happiness either way.

Prepare to talk about: Which of the show's later character additions was your favorite; how Danny is really kind of terrible (such a Mr. Big); how much we'll miss all of Mindy's amazing outfits.


Future Man: S1E1

Future Man
(Series Premiere)

Tuesday at 3 am on Hulu

Why: When one Hulu comedy ends, another Hulu comedy must begin, or something. Yes, Mindy is signing off, but Hulu is also debuting a new 30-minute comedy on Tuesday which looks completely hilarious! Fun fact: Hulu has not debuted a new original comedy in over 2 years (and with Mindy ending and Casual ending soon, this means it's definitely time. In Future Man - produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Josh Hutcherson (also a producer) stars as a twentysomething janitor that beats a video game only to find out that the video game was actually a recruiting tool sent from the future. Why? To stop the world from ending, which involves preventing a scientist from discovering the cure to herpes. If that sounds a little like "Back to the Future" and "Terminator 2", but with more herpes, that is intentional, as these were influences for the show that definitely knows and loves the sci-fi genre, along with all of its tropes. Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson co-star (they're the ones from the future). Unlike with Mindy, the entire 13-episode season becomes available tomorrow, which is good, because this sounds like the perfect show to binge!

Prepare to talk about: How will never give up hope on a Happy Endings revival, but are happy to see Eliza Coupe in anything; how Seth Rogen is becoming one of the busiest men in Hollywood.


Marvel's The Punisher: S1E1

Marvel's The Punisher
(Series Premiere)

Friday at 3 am on Netflix

Why: When there are 17 Marvel shows and movies released each year, it's honestly pretty hard to keep track of them all. Some people watch them all, some people watch none of them, and some people pick and choose based on what's their cup of tea. If you're the pick-and-choose Marvel-watcher, this is a good one to check out because it's mostly separate from the rest of the universe of The Defenders - including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Marvel's The Punisher *does* pick up where Daredevil season 2 left off, but it otherwise does its own thing and provides an origin story for the character, using flashbacks. For those unfamiliar, Frank Castle (John Bernthal) is out for vengeance; his wife and two children were murdered and he wants revenge, vigilante-style This is how the show starts, and after exacting this revenge Castle tries to live a quiet-life in New York, only to realize a larger conspiracy and more evil people that need to be...punished. This show might not be for everyone, as it is easily the most violent of the Marvel adaptations that Netflix has produced, but if you're willing to give it a shot, it's also one of the better Netflix Marvel shows to be released this year.

Prepare to talk about: How John Bernthal is scary good in this role; this drama - the debut of The Punisher is likely the end of a Netflix era.


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