Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "In the Midnight Hour"


TV Guide Nov 21, 2008 07:34 AM ET by Erin Lulevitch

This week on Grey's Anatomy, the interns take their secret society one step too far and Izzie finds herself torn between two lovers.

Here we are, one week later, and Denny Duquette still seems just as real, if not more so, than ever before. So, just how is it possible that Izzie can hear the sound of Denny's beating heart, when that organ had been removed during his autopsy many moons ago? I don't want to believe that Izzie is really sick (physically or psychologically), so now I'm leaning toward the theory that Izzie is playing catch-up with her emotions. Maybe she never fully grieved the loss of Denny and their relationship, and now she must experience those emotions before she can truly move on and commit to Alex.

What I love most about this otherwise frustrating story line is how Alex is reacting to Izzie's bizarre behavior. While I fully expected Alex to demand Izzie let him into her bedroom after hearing those "porno movie" noises from the hallway, he surprised me by opting to accept her explanation that she was simply sick. Then later, when Izzie admitted to him that she wasn't doing well, he flat out told her that he wasn't going anywhere � so, if she wanted their relationship to end, she would have to be the one to break up with him. For a guy who said he wasn't good at talking about his "emotions and stuff," he sure seems to be a quick learner on the subject.

This week Mark also became more endearing than ever! I loved the way he looked after the young girl whose father was in the hospital after suffering an accident in his sleep. Not only did Mark give the girl a shoulder to lean on (figuratively and literally), he also carried her into her father's hospital room after she fell asleep in the waiting room. How sweet was that? Mark also shared some tender moments with Callie after she broke her nose and he continues to keep a watchful eye on "Little Grey." I can only hope that we get to see more in-depth story lines for Mark in the future.

Speaking of Lexie, it seemed like she and the rest of the interns lost their marbles this week when they decided it would be a good idea to perform a needless appendectomy on Sadie. However, if Sadie had not performed the initial incision on herself (talk about being a masochist), I'm fairly sure Lexie would have backed out of surgery at the last minute. As could be expected, the undercover surgery hit a potentially fatal snag and Lexie recruited Meredith for help. With the aid of Cristina and a very calm Bailey, Sadie was saved and is expected to make a full recovery. At this point, the Chief was singing the praises of Mer and Cristina ... taking note of all the things they had managed to accomplish that day and complimenting them for asking for help when they needed it most. Yep, it looked like Mer and Cristina were well on their way to being rewarded with the solo surgery award, until Lexie burst in on the scene and let it be known that Cristina knew about the intern's secret society long before this moment and failed to report them. The news didn't bode well with the Chief, and Cristina was livid that Mer didn't help glaze over the situation by having her back. Now we're left to wonder how long this tiff might last between the two besties.

In other news, Dr. Hunt admits sometimes he's at a loss for words, which was painfully obvious this week. In fact, he seemed unable to form a full sentence any time Cristina was near. Hunt finally redeemed himself in the end though, when he told Cristina she was beautiful. While these two still have a long way to go, something tells me the end result will be amazing.

I should also mention the woman (who appeared to be a hypochondriac) who came to Seattle Grace this week convinced that she was sick, but once Alex told her that what she needed was a "fecal transplant" from h


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