Meet the Castaways of Survivor: Samoa - Featured

The 19th season of Survivor premieres on Sept. 17 at 8/7c, on CBS.

And now, courtesy of TV Guide, you can learn the names and professions of the 20 new castaways who will be competing:

David, 38, fitness instructor from Los Angeles, CA

Betsy, 48, police officer from Campton, NH

Mike, 62, private chef from Marina del Rey, CA

Ben, 28, mixologist from Los Angeles, CA

Marisa, 26, student from Cincinnati, OH

Erik, 28, bartender from Ontario, CA

Brett, 23, T-shirt designer from Salem, OR

Yasmin, 33, hairstylist from Detroit, MI

Russell, 36, oil company owner from Dayton, TX

Elizabeth, 33, urban planner from New York, NY

Laura, 39, office manager from Salem, OR

Kelly, 25, hairstylist from Wilmington, DE

Russell S, 42, attorney from Glenside, PA

Ashley, 22, spa sales from Maple Grove, MA

Shannon, 42, sales rep from Renton, WA

Natalie, 26, pharmaceutical sales from Van Buren, AK

Monica, 25, law student from San Diego, CA

Jaison, 28, law student from Chicago, IL

John, 25, rocket scientist from Los Angeles, CA

Mick, 33, doctor from Los Angeles, CA

Think anybody's profession will give them an edge on the island?



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