ANTM: "Of course they're fake" (Ep. 3 Recap)

We've got a crazier batch of girls than usual on ANTM this season.

I might start permanently referring to Sheena as "Fake Boobs" and Hannah as "Gang Rape". What do you think?

So...the girls start the day with a Benny Ninja posing lesson (Posing lessons before walking lessons? That's new). Sheena declares herself to be flexible (why am I not surprised) and is declared the best poser of the batch.

The Birth of "Gang Rape"

Back at the house...the girls are playing a new rendition of "Spin the Bottle" - there's no bottle, they're all in bathing suits and there's no boys (don't respond with something snarky about Isis...I don't want to hear it).

Elina gets her dream of kissing Clark and Hannah is intimidated by the sexuality of the girls. I couldn't quite tell if Hannah was trying to be playful (and/or troublesome) by pushing Isis towards the center of the spa or if she honestly felt crowded, but either way, the other girls were not happy.

Back in the bedroom, Hannah gets herself into more trouble by declaring herself a "stereotypical white girl". Bad move, Hannah, because in a powwow of the "ethnic girls" (their term, not mine), the girls throw around words until someone drops the "D" bomb. "That's it! We've been discriminated against!", they conclude. Hannah is then ambushed and asked whether she's a racist.

For the record, I think there's a fine line between lack of education and actually being racist. I think Hannah is naive and uneducated (she's from small-town Alaska), but she's not racist. I don't think she even realized the implications of her "stereotypical white girl" comment.

The absolute best part of this whole ordeal was Hannah likening her ambush to "Gang Raaa..." (yes, she cut herself off realizing that might not be the best choice of words and settled for "gang violence", but we still know what she was going to say). This is why Hannah will be forever known as "Gang Rape".

Whitney's CoverGirl Commerical

Can't believe I'm saying this...because I was always skeptical of Whitney's win...but I think Whitney has some of the best CoverGirl commercials from ANTM winners that I've seen in awhile. Her narration sounded intelligent and sincere...a big improvement from last cycle's god-awful Saleisha commercials.

The Challenge

The girls must pose with some butt-ugly purses/accessories in super-flexible and interesting ways. Elina wins.

The Photoshoot

This week's shoot entailed posing on a ladder held up by a crane (hot-air balloon to be digitally added later). Wow...these girls are taking some awesome pictures for it being so early in the competition!


Great stuff went down this week.

1. Tyra declares an ANTM photo for the 725th time to be one of the "10 best in Top Model history" (though I do agree that Lauren Brie took a fantastic photo).

2. Tyra decides that the best way to educate McKey on how to hold poses is by announcing that she had a photoshoot with a famous photographer yesterday...where she held poses. We love you, Tyra (speaking of Tyra's gratuitous self-promotion...did the opening credits not make you erupt in laughter)!

3. Sheena's breast(s) incident. I actually thought it was harsh of Paulina to ask in front of everyone...but Paulina hilariously questions whether Sheena's breasts are real or not. Sheena defensively responds the're "all real".

4. Sheena asks to come forth and flip-flops on her "breast" position. "Of course they're fake."

5. Nikeysha did not necessarily have the worst photo, but as I declared last week, the lesson is: Never speak back to Tyra. Nothing annoys Tyra more. And...since Nikeysha clearly didn't learn this lesson from last week...Nikeysha is gone.

And if they hadn't emphasized Nikeysha's chattiness enough...The CW runs her voice throughout the closing credits



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Sep 11, 2008 11:48PM EDT

I guess you can say Nikeysha had the last word(s)!


What's wrong with this comment?

Let us know why you think this comment is inappropriate.

Sep 15, 2008 7:09PM EDT

I'm actually surprised on how often people use the words "discrimination & racism". It doesn't matter who says it (black, white, asian, etc.), it's always the first thing they think of. Like an automatic defense mechanism. It's like they don't realize someone might just not like them.

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What's wrong with this comment?

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Sep 16, 2008 1:39AM EDT

I thought her comments should have been cut off. She didn't need to repeat her statements again. I'm glad she was eliminated.

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