Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 1 “Belles De Jour” Review - bridgwilson

Well Gossip Lovers it looks like our favorite drama series is back and with many new stories and twists as we continue after a summer of a lot of changes. In last season's finale of Gossip Girl we were left with many events that had our jaw dropping but the biggest highlight in the finale was definitely when Blair discovers that Chuck took Jenny's virginity just moments before she enters his humble abode to declare her true feelings.

Not only that but we see Chuck escaping to Paris where he gets shot by thieves that were stealing his money and a beautiful engagement ring meant for Blair. The episode did a great job of entering at the end of the character's summer. So it gave us a chance to see just what has happened in the past couple months since our little finale. And another surprise, Georgina is living with Dan because they now are parenting a handsome son named Milo. But is it really Dan's baby? I am definitely having my doubts.

Blair shows that she is still having a hard time trying to get over Mr. Chuck as Derota would say. And Serena gets accepted into Columbia and will be joining Blair in the upcoming semester. We also as viewers discover Chuck survived the gun shot and is taking refuge with a foreign girl that saved his life. With I'm guessing the hopes that everyone back in New York will think he is dead.

The episode definitely did not disappoint. It was a great premiere for the season - leaving so many open doors as to what may happen. We also have someone new in the casting and she is a familiar face if you happen to have watched last season's new CW series Melrose Place. The episode left you craving for more gossip and wondering how everyone is going to take the news not only about Chuck but Dan as well.

I look forward to what else this season has in store!

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