Crusoe Premieres Tonight: Are You Excited?

I'm not going to lie...Robinson Crusoe is a great story.

That being said, I just can't get that excited about this show...and I haven't even watched any previews for it!

Crusoe is based on the Daniel Defoe novel, so it follows Robinson Crusoe (Phillip Wincester), who has survived a shipwreck and is stuck on an island (and lives, of course, in that famous treehouse). There's also pirates and treasure hunts and all of those good things, as well as flashbacks that describe Crusoe's life before the wreck.

Sounds kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Lost, but set in the 17th century, doesn't it? Maybe I'm wrong, but though I know Robinson Crusoe is a distinct story, I fear that this program will very much have a "it's all been done before, and better" sort of a feeling to it.

Decide for yourselves. Check out Crusoe's 2 hour premiere on NBC tonight at 8PM!


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