Is Tyra Leaving Top Model?

Don't start crying yet - because this might be pure gossip - but MSNBC has reported that Tyra Banks wants out of Top Model for multiple reasons, including that she is just generally bored with things, is not getting along with Jay Manuel and wants to focus more attention on her talk show (since she has recently been getting guests of a higher caliber including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...a huge step forward from those "let's see what it's like to be FAT" episodes).

What sent things over the top is a rumored catfight between Tyra and Jay Manuel. The two are rumored to not currently be speaking with one another and as a result Tyra has been drastically reducing her time spent on the show.

She is said to be searching for a replacement.

Let me be the first to say that although I make fun of Tyra on a weekly basis in my Top Model reviews that there is no replacing Tyra. Top Model is Tyra's empire, and I honestly think it will be the beginning of the end should she leave...

Source: TVGuide


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