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// officially would like to retract a previous comment that I made saying that this show is turning into quite the dud. But to my surprise on this finale of the new hit show Bachelor Pad, I was overly entertained and drawn to what happened in this show.

As the competition died down and I realized that this show is really just a filler for six episodes until the fall shows commence, I started to become disappointed. However, the finale was well thought out and well executed that even had the off casts of the show shocked and amazed at how the process of winning the end prize works.

At the beginning of the episode the three remaining couples had a dance competition "Dancing with the Stars" style, that had me entranced. With Tenley's background in dance, her and Kypton definitely had an advantage and actually won the competition. They had to make a decision, what couple would advance with them to the finals? In the end, the two couples remaining were Tenley/Kypton and Dave/Natalie.

The best part wass the last hour of the show which was quite similar to the finales of The Bachelor/Bachelorette series "The Men (Women) Tell All". All the contestants that were previously voted off came back for discussion but most of all to vote on who would win the money. We also got updates on whether people are dating and it looks like Gia is in love with her modern day Shakespear Wes. That doesn't surprise many I am sure. But in the end David and Natalie won the votes of these contestants. Here I thought ok this is it but nope the show had even more in store. Dave and Natalie were separated into separate rooms with an option to chose one of two words, either "Keep" or "Share". If they both chose "Share" they would split the money in half. If only one of them choose "Keep" that person walks away with all the money. And finally, if they both chose "Keep" the contestants voted off split the money. WOW! What an interesting ending.

So what happened you may ask? Many thought Natalie would be greedy and take all the money from Dave but in the end they both chose "Share" and split the money down the middle! Good ending to a short season. I hope this series comes back again actually and maybe they could consider adding more twists and making it a longer competition. I guess we will have to find out later.

Author: bridgwilson


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