It's the Miss/Guided Season Finale Already?

It seems like Miss/Guided premiered about 2 weeks ago.

Oh wait a minute! It pretty much did.

For this reason I am a little bit disappointed to have to report to you that though there are double episodes tonight (as there have been double episodes since the show's premiere), the second one will already be the program's season finale.

I'm a little bit concerned about the future of the show if ABC was willing to plow through the 7 episodes that they had so quickly (seems like it was just being used as filler for a brief hole in the schedule) and honestly, I'll be kind of upset if the show doesn't survive for another season.

When I reviewed the show after the premiere I thought that it was flawed, but showed promise, and I think that it has progressively improved since that premiere episode. They've toned down "crazy, pathetic" Becky and the excessive camera confessionals so that Judy Greer has been able to shine in the lead role in the way that I envisioned she could (which is doing the quirky and insecure bit, but in a more endearing way that is not over-the-top). They've also utilized more of the hilarious Chris Parnell, who with lines like, "Plastic Surgery? Chicken Soup for the Face..." (to a student, no less) is easily the funniest character on the show.

If you haven't yet discovered Miss/Guided, tonight very well may be your last chance, so check it out on ABC beginning at 8PM!


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