Stylista: Do We Have a New Reality Fit?

Pun in title intended...a reference to the Auf Wiedersehen of Stylista: "You're not the right fit."

The CW's newest reality concoction - a hybrid of America's Next Top Model, Project Runway and one of those MTV shows where teens competed to work at Seventeen magazine - debuted last night on The CW.

More succinctly, it's Devil Meets Prada meets TV (complete with Elle's fashion director Anne Slowey doing her best Meryl Streep impersonation...from slopping her coat and bag on the reception desk to even the intonation in some her phrasing).

The contestants were largely female, and ranged from Danielle (the, um, one that claimed some people might think she's big) to Columbia-educated Arnaldo. There's also Megan the Terrible and Big-Boobed Kate. I assume that Megan and Kate will stick around awhile for the drama, but I can pretty much tell you right now that it will come down to Ashlie, Cologne and DyShaun.

In the style of ANTM (which is not shocking because ANTM producers Ken Mok and Tyra herself are producing Stylista), there's a smaller challenge at the beginning of the episode (make Anne her breakfast) and a larger one at the end - a team challenge combination of a shopping spree, fashion show and creation of a contributor's page for Elle.

I was surprised at how wholly incapable 2 out of 3 of the teams were, both doing something that was utterly terrible. Poor Devin, who was so excited about getting to showcase her forte - making a layout - because Devin's page was the one that looked like a "high school yearbook"...and it really did. Furthermore, the team failed to even include the names of their team members on a "Contributor Page"! One of the other teams also failed to follow the instructions at all, thinking that the word limit was 30 words total as opposed to per person. Seriously, these kids strike me as losers...

In the end, it came down to Danielle and Arnaldo. I thought Slowey was unduly harsh on Arnaldo (umm, how many options are there of acceptable clothes that a male can wear to the office) and not harsh enough on Danielle. I don't want to come off as insensitive, but I felt like throughout the whole episode the judges were afraid to be mean to Danielle (because yes, she's overweight). Though Danielle was in the bottom two, the worst criticism she received was that she had chosen the wrong picture, but had a great sense of style. Did nobody else notice that the breakfast Danielle prepared for Anne looked like a bowl of pooh, for which her critique was "I like your glasses"?

I think my biggest criticism of the show so far is of judge/hostess Anne Slowey. Not only does she strike me as lacking impartiality in her judging, but in general she came off as having no personality beyond doing a poor impersonation of a movie star impersonating a real person. We sometimes hate Tyra...but at least Tyra is unique!

Nonetheless...this show is the kind of junk that I love and will undoubtedly see through for at least a full season.

What did you think of Stylista?


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Oct 23, 2008 7:46PM EDT

I enjoyed the premiere, but wouldn't say it's showing to be our next big hit fashion reality show quite yet. I completely agree about Anne and also Danielle - Anne was ridiculously dull and it seemed like she was definitely playing a character instead of herself which seemed weird since it's supposed to be reality.
As for Danielle, I was glad to see they weren't mean to her about her weight, but it definitely looked like they thought they'd get the show in trouble or the fashion industry in general criticized for judging heavier people. Boring, I say! They don't need to be cruel to her about her weight, but at least criticize her the same way as you are the others about her style or whatever else in the challenges!

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