Step It Up & Dance Premieres Tonight

We already have America's Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance, but tonight Bravo will be entering their own reality dance competition into the mix - Step It Up & Dance.

I tend to have a weakness for reality dance competitions as it is, but I have to tell you that based on the previews I have seen thus far, Step It Up & Dance looks awesome! We already know that Bravo has an A-rate formula for producing reality programs (Project Runway, Top Chef, etc.) and I find that dancing-based ones are inherently more exciting than most others (because everyone can watch and appreciate good dancing; though I love Top Chef, it is sometimes frustrating to not be able to taste the food that looks amazing, but we are told was "seasoned poorly"). Thus, assuming that the dancing doesn't suck, I'm convinced that Step It Up & Dance will be my next reality obsession.

You might also be wondering why Elizabeth Berkley (who we know mostly as Jessie Spano on Saved By the Bell, or perhaps for her ill-fated career move of starring in Showgirls) was chosen as the host for the program, but it turns out that she has some real-life dance training. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Similarly, I always was skeptical about the choice of Padma Lakshmi as the Top Chef host (whose qualification is that she wrote a cookbook themed for models), but I think that she has turned out to have done a pretty good job.

Read more about Step It Up & Dance on Zap2it and don't forget to watch tonight's premiere which is starting at the rather late hour of 11PM (it will move to 10PM beginning next week) on Bravo!


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