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So we are now 2 episodes into the new season of Entourage and so far as I can tell, we're still a little bit...lacking...in terms of any sort of new and exciting long-term plot development, particularly with Vince. That being said, I found this episode to be an improvement over last week's premiere, which I found somewhat disappointing.

Vince was pretty much a non-presence in this episode, even though a decent amount of footage was shot at his glitzy Gatsby premiere. Don't know about you, but does anybody else find it odd that there is nary a poster for this great "Gatsby" flick (let alone a cameo by Martin Scorsese...) that is the salvation of Vince's career? I just wish we could receive some sort of validation that "Gatsby" actually exists... But for me the whole Vince plotline is a yawn-fest anyway, so no need to dwell on its flaws.

This week was mainly about E and his continued obsession with, and rejection by, former love Sloan. I've heard mixed things, so I am curious what everyone thinks of the casting of Alexis Dziena as E's new love-interest Ashley? Am I the only person that thinks the actress looks really young (and also, really, really skinny)? The show also obviously worked particularly hard to make the various encounters between the two come off as supremely awkward (and boy did they succeed, as it was kind of painful to watch).

Also developing in the background was the story of Turtle's still-blossoming relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. This week we were exposed to some of Turtle's doubts about the outside world's perception of the relationship; mainly, that Sigler is too hot for him (and this whole plotline is pretty meta, as the two are dating in actuality...). This resulted in conversations at length about the Seth Rogen phenomenon in Knocked Up (which was funny, but, for the second episode in a row...perhaps making a reference to something that seemed a little dated?)

Drama provided some quick comic relief this week:

Drama: Looking good Kelly. Looking real good.

E: You're creepy.

Drama: You kidding, she loves me. You should have seen her eyes bulge when the tailor was measuring my inseam.

However, much like with Vince, the show seems to be stuck with what to do with Drama's character; I'm hoping they find a more exciting story line for him soon.

Finally, checking in with Ari, seems as though his developing problem will be new agent Andrew (which was foreshadowed back in last season). Upon insisting that his wife befriend Andrew's wife Marlo (played by Jami Gertz), Ari soon learned that Andrew is in fact having an affair with young agent Lizzie (who many of you should recognize as Autumn Reeser from both The O.C. and the short-lived Valentine of last Fall). So, as expected, Andrew has proven himself as a loose cannon that will be the source of much strife for Ari. Mrs. Ari will undoubtedly soon learn of Andrew's indiscretions and will have to decide whether or not to reveal this truth to her new best friend.

So, did you agree that this week was a slight improvement over last week's premiere? Does anybody else dislike the casting of the actress playing Ashley?

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Jul 20, 2009 10:17PM EDT

I completely agree. When I saw E talking to Ashley for the first time, two words kept running through my head: "Jail bait, jail bait, jail bait...".I suspect she's probably anorexic or something, as she looks really good in other pictures on the internet, which is who the casting guys saw when they hired her, and then she became a pile of bones just before the shoot. That's my theory.Based on these last two episodes, I feel the show is getting dragged on, and the writers are running out of cool things for the guys to do.And Ari has lost his douchebag-demeanor, which is really sad.Call me an a**hole, but I enjoyed it when he was all racist and homophobic and threw papers around.

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Jul 21, 2009 12:00AM EDT

I agree, they are making Vince very 1-dimensonal. Right now hes just this figure that everyone orbits around while they live their lives. Erics relationships, Turtles relationships, Drama...they need to give Vince a large storyline that isnt a rehash of something they already did. And they need to get back to the "Hug it out bitch" Ari that was great in the earlier seasons.

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