ANTM: Viva Italia (aka Ciao Lauren)

Since I am writing this review a full week after the airing of the episode, I figure you all already know poor Lauren's fate (hence why it's in the title).

Besides, we all knew it was coming anyway...

So the girls are in Rome now, and there's 6 left: Fatima, Whitney, Anya, Lauren, Katarzyna and Dominique (why? why?).

The first benefit of the girls being abroad that I can detect is that the Tyra mail is no longer that scrolling LED nonsense. However, Tyra instead has Photoshopped her head onto Mona-Lisa stationary, which perhaps is not any better. You decide.

At any rate, Whitney thinks it's a huge deal (no pun intended, according to her) that she has made it this far. Whatever. She won't be in the final 3.

Fatima gets sick and the other girls accuse her of basically faking it or in the very least exaggerating it. Fatima is a bit of a drama queen, but she did seem pretty sick. Anya sweetly helps her and tells the camera that the other girls like bringing people down. Anya is sweet, but just a little bit naive, which I hope doesn't ultimately hurt her.

So tonight was commercial night which basically is an opportunity to separate out the smart from the...less smart (sorry Anya, I love you, but it's true). Like in many previous seasons, the commercial is filmed in a foreign language; tonight's poison is Italian. The girls that I previously assumed to be the smarter ones - Fatima and Katarzyna - had the better commercials whereas Anya was god awful and asserted that it was difficult to walk and use lipstick at the same time. However, she looked beautiful and at least tried, which entirely saved her. Whitney still seemed like a b-i-t-c-h even when speaking in Italian and Dominique managed to still come off as scary. But Lauren...poor Lauren was just unpleasant to watch and didn't have an ounce of spark or charm in her entire commercial.

Judging Time: Tyra shares that she participated in a famous fashion show on the Spanish Steps 4 times because, well, that's what Tyra does. Today, Tyra seems to be particularly disagreeable. Everyone thought Katarzyna did the best but Tyra proclaimed her to be boring. Everyone thought Whitney was super-fake, but Tyra loved it. Oh Tyra! We love it when you disagree just for the sake of disagreeing.

So not surprisingly, Lauren lands in the bottom 2 with Whitney. Normally, I feel like the girls avoid elimination after sucking in their first round of commercials, but if there's anything Tyra doesn't like it's a girl that "gives up", and I can't disagree with her that Lauren did not appear to be trying, despite how uncomfortable it might have been for her. Thus, this was sadly the end of the road for Lauren, despite having some of the most beautiful pictures of the cycle.

You'll be missed...


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