Hung - Season 1, Episode 4 "The Pickle Jar" Review

From AV Club:

I don't think when I thought about adjectives I might use to describe a show about a new gigolo with a giant penis that "sweet" would be among those adjectives. But "sweet" is the best word to describe "The Pickle Jar," Hung's fourth episode and easily its best so far. This is the episode that convinced me there would be a show here, going forward, because it both discovered a way to play up the tension of what Ray's doing for a living now in contrast to his everyday life (in numerous ways) and also discovered a way to show how this could be something oddly life-affirming for Ray and his clients. I realize that what Ray and Tanya are trafficking in is illegal, but unlike most shows where doing something illegal corrupts a person's soul, Hung suggests that sex is a way you might awaken parts of yourself that have lain dormant for far too long. That Hung is choosing to be a sweet show about male prostitution is what's going to keep me watching. It's not the tone I would have chosen, but they're executing it remarkably well.

The scenes that garner the "sweet" appellation from me tonight all involve Margo Martindale's character, Molly. Martindale is a fascinating character actress, with her larger frame, plain face and unruly hair. She's almost always asked to play ugly, heavyset women who occasionally have ugly souls. She was even the ultimate ugly American in Paris, je t'aime. That Martindale is often cast as small-minded women is a fault of casting directors, not her performances, because she's a wonderfully open and expressive actor, particularly deft at conveying a sadness that's masked by a particularly convincing brand of faux-happiness. And this is the quality Hung taps into in "The Pickle Jar," as she plays a woman hiring Ray to make her feel what sex should really feel like.

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Jul 27, 2009 5:21PM EDT

this was a great episode for all the right reasons it showed that even the larger figured ladies can still enjoy sex and it showed that some men are not as shallow as some ppl might think it also showed that ray still has a connection with his kids iam really loving this showstill cant believe that the punisher is this guy

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