Privileged Scoop: Ciao, Charlie

For you lone 5 (myself included) Privileged fans out there, here's some scoop for you:

Creator Rina Mimoun has revealed that Michael Cassidy's Charlie will be making his last appearance (this season, at least, though this season very may well be the show's only one) in Episode 15. The most recent episode to air was the season's 12th.

The departure is due to both creative and budgetary reasons. However, if the show survives, Mimoun said she's certainly open to a Charlie return (the character will be leaving to finish college).

So...sad to see Charlie go? Frankly, I understand the creative reasons, as the Megan-pining can only go on for so long without seeming a little pathetic. However, Cassidy seems like a nice enough guy (both on the show and in reality), so I am sorry to see him out of a job.

Source: EW


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