Week of 2/8: Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

Last week was the beginning of February Sweeps and a thrilling week of TV for sure. This week, the fun and excitement continues. Ten things we can't wait for:

1. Ryan surfaces on Brothers & Sisters! Wasn't even expecting this, but we finally got a glimpse of the much-teased Ryan Walker on last night's B&S. Sure there is more to come next week...

2. The Big Bang Theory - Meet Leonard's Mom! Christine Baranski guest stars as mother to Leonard on this week's all new ep. Finding out who "spawned" one of TV's most lovable geeks is always infinitely entertaining.

3. Matt Lanter on 90210 - As if the show didn't already have enough gorgeous men, Matt Lanter surfaces this week as a hot bartender working at the hotel in which Naomi will now be living. But enjoy this episode, as the show won't be returning until the end of March.

4. Top Chef: The Last Supper - Me likes the biblical-themed episode title, Bravo, as the Final Four will be decided with this Last Supper. And know what I would like even more? If lobotomized Leah does not make the final 4...

5. Survivor: Tocantins premieres! - Thanks for the geography lesson, CBS, because until now, I had never heard of Tocantins, which btw is a state in Brazil. Premieres Thursday.

6. Jon Hamm on 30 Rock continues! - So we had Hamm on our list last week as well, but any week with Hamm gracing our screens is a week where this author is happier.

7. Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover continues! - Yeah, last week was a total tease. We know. Looks like this week an actual crossover actually happens. Hoorah!

8. Dollhouse premieres! - Can't. Wait. Until. Friday. It's from the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly and stars the always charming Eliza Dushku. Also has a kick-ass premise. Never was there so good a reason to stay in on a Friday night!

9. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns! - New timeslot, fresh start for this show? It's a sci-fi Friday block for Fox and I'd say it's do-or-die time for TSCC. The show needs viewers. Watch it!

10. Alec Baldwin hosts Saturday Night Live w/ Jonas Brothers - OMG, Jonas Brothers! Just kidding. What I am actually excited for is another hosting of SNL by the incomparable Alec Baldwin, who has proven himself as comedic gold week in and week out. SNL has been profoundly unfunny since the election, so here's to hoping that Baldwin can rescue it.

So, what happenings are you most excited for on this week's television?


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