Geek Week Chic: A Look at Geek Fashion

One of the most defining aspects of a television geek is their wardrobe.

So...for today's edition of our Geek Week Feature I am delighted to share with you some of my favorite fashions adorned by TV geeks:

Sheldon's T-Shirts on The Big Bang Theory - One look at a Sheldon T-Shirt and you know where his interests lie. Sheldon seems to wear T-Shirts exclusively, and whether they are displaying a comic book character or a robot, they are always displaying something geeky.

One Big Bang fan was so impressed by Sheldon's wardrobe that he has made a website cataloging his shirts, as well as where you can purchase them. Check it out here.

Seth Cohen's Polo Shirts and Preppiness on The O.C. - Yes, Seth Cohen wore T-shirts as well, but it was the layered collared-shirt look that defined his character's dorky style. If Seth Cohen had worn a wifebeater, it just wouldn't have worked. (And yes, he sort of has a popped collar in that last picture, and I don't even hate it!)

Kenneth's NBC Page Jacket on 30 Rock - Kenneth doesn't have many wardrobe options working as an NBC Page, but somehow, that jacket suits him, don't you think?

Dwight's Glasses on The Office - It used to be that if you wore glasses you were a geek by default. With the invention of contacts, however, many of our geeks find themselves eschewing the spectacles (perhaps in an attempt to blend). Dwight, however, proudly adorns his frames, which look straight out of the 80s. They pretty much are a dead giveaway as to his membership of the geek community (the glasses, and...the first words that come out of his mouth).

Peter Bishop's 'Normal' Look: Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) dresses entirely normally on Fringe. Fine. Fool us with your clothing, but we still know deep down that you're a geek!

Did I miss any geek fashionistas? Share your favorite geek fashions below!


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