Who Snagged the SAGS? A List of Winners.

I know that the amount of awards shows taking place around now are kind of overwhelming, but the SAGS (Screen Actors Guild) are a good one to pay attention to; they are generally considered to be a pretty good forecast of who might take home an Oscar next month.

While victories for Slumdog Millionaire and Heath Ledger are pretty much universal now across all awards shows, the SAGS awarded both of the lead acting honors to some different faces from the Golden Globes.

Check out the SAG winners in film:

Cast in a Motion Picture: Slumdog Millionaire

Male Actor in a Leading Role: Sean Penn, Milk

Female Actor in a Leading Role: Meryl Streep, Doubt

Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Kate Winslet, The Reader

Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture: The Dark Knight

Over in TV Land, there weren't too many surprises. 30 Rock and Mad Men continue to dominate.

Check out all of the TV winners:

Ensemble in a Drama Series: Mad Men

Ensemble in a Comedy Series: 30 Rock

Male Actor in a Drama Series: Hugh Laurie, House

Female Actor in a Drama Series: Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters

Male Actor in a Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Tina Fey, 30 Rock

Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Paul Giamatti, John Adams

Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Laura Linney, John Adams

Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series: Heroes

Finally, this year's Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to James Earl Jones.

Source: E!Online


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Jan 26, 2009 12:57PM EST

I have to say, why does these award shows like 30 rock so much? It seems like they are getting the Frasier treatment, Frasier used to always win in place of shows like Seinfeld or Friends, 30 rock is fine, but its far from the dominate #1 comedy on tv. I dont know that it would be in the top 5. The Office, Two and a half men, Scrubs, HIMYM, Entourage, Big Bang Theory, and Psych are all funnier comedies that are on tv than 30 rock.And can i just take a moment to say how much lack of credibility the oscars are starting to have? The Dark Knight does not even get a nomination. Its ridiculous that they are not gonna win, but to not even get nominated, what a joke. I know box office isnt everything, but they are one of only two movies to gross a billion dollars, the other being the oscars winning Titanic, dont you think there is a reason that happend. No one can sit there and say TDK is not one of the best five movies this year. Also, even though he is not going to win cause he is in Heath Ledger category, how about Robert Dowery Jr. getting a nod for Tropic of Tunder, its nice to see the academy has started to slightly take that stick out of their ass, but obviously since TDK didnt get nominated, its still got a long way to go.

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