A NEW Adventure for Christine

This is from this week's Ask Ausiello in EW. Read only if you want to know:

Question: OK, I'll bite on your latest blind item: What sorta-hit series will employ a game-changing gay twist that'll drastically alter the direction of the show? - Amy

Ausiello: If you guessed CBS's The Big Bang Theory you were close: Right network, wrong show. The correct answer is (drumroll, please...) The New Adventures of Old Christine! Per my new Old mole, producers are taking advantage of California's new gay marriage law by marrying off leading lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus to another woman. And not just any woman - Wanda Sykes' Barb! [Hold for laughs] What? Why? When? Where? All good questions. And in time, I will answer them. But for now, just take a moment to relish the thought of Christine and Barb vowing to love, honor and obey each other for the rest of their lives!

Source: EW


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Jul 10, 2008 3:44PM EDT

i can't wait for this

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