NYC Prep: Season 1, Episode 6 Recap - "The Overacheivers"

From Zap2it:

This week on NYC Prep, our preternaturally mature teens look to their future, focusing on internships, resumes, and careers - all things more commonly associated with being a senior in college, not high school. I love it when an 18-year-old makes me feel inadequate.

Camille is determined to get involved with Operation Smile, and goes to PC to get an in with Jessie. Camille really only wants to be involved with OS to get community service hours for her college application, but in her meeting with Jessie fakes enthusiasm very well. At first Camille does well and she and Jessie have a decent rapport, until Camille insinuates that Jessie's school is a cakewalk compared to hers. Camille has no tact, which Jessie points out later to PC and their friend Kat.

Later, Jessie and her mom meet to discuss Jessie's plans for the future. They discuss specific careers and point out that Jessie needs to start sending out resumes and getting a job. I have a feeling Jessie's first job isn't going to be at Hardee's, like mine had the pleasure of being. She does a group interview for an internship at some design house I've never heard of. I'm not up on the fashion elite, y'all. Sorry. The interview seems to go well, but we don't find out the outcome.

Kelli is determined to get her music career going and starts interviewing voice coaches by herself. Apparently, she found these people on Craigslist missed connections or something, because wow. Let the freak parade begin! I have to say, it's good the camera crew is there because otherwise this endeavor could be quite dangerous...especially since the third candidate sort of looked like he wanted to eat Kelli's face. She finds a great coach but has to audition for HER, not the other way around. The coach likes her and wants to do a demo and send her to a stylist. Please cut her hair, stylist. Please.

This week we learn that in addition to gymnastics, Taylor also takes dance classes. She takes ballet, point, theater jazz, theater dance, jazz and hip hop, for a total of 13 classes a week! This, along with her gymnastics at school, homework, and juggling of Sebastian and Cole. Girl is busy, and her schoolwork is the one thing suffering. She gets her report card and it's not good, and her mom threatens that she's going to have to give something up. Well, she already ditched Sebastian. That's something, right?

Sebastian takes a new girl, Angel, out on a date. Angel turns out to be a senior who recently interviewed at Vassar. I can tell already: Angel is too good for Sebastian. Sebastian pulls out his French seduction technique, only to be foiled by the fact that Angel speaks fluent French and has done internships in Paris. Sebastian's response? "I went to the Louvre. Saw the Mona Lisa." Angel, needless to say, is not impressed. I love Angel. Why can't this show be about her?

PC does an internship of his own with a magazine as a photographer's assistant. He starts the day doing manual labor for the photographer, but by the end of the shoot he ends up in front of the camera doing a very homoerotic shoot with the very cute male photographer as his partner. Listen, you guys. I know we tease PC in the comments about his very fluid-seeming sexuality, but so far I've kept that out of the recaps. This, however, cannot go without being commented on. PC without his shirt posing for a photo shoot? On a sliding scale of a 1 being completely hetero and 10 being Bruno-level gay, I give PC in this scene about an 8. I'm just saying.

Random thoughts

-Someone with better fashion sense than me needs to explain the tuxedo tent dress Jessie wore during her meeting with Camille, because I thought it was totally fug. Am I missing the boat, here?

-PC has another therapy session this week. I find these sessions completely navel-gazing and false. I'm all for therapy, but therapy in these trappings is just not real or likely to be very theraputic.

-Jessie's mom is sort of awesome, telling her that she needs to do whatever is asked of her at her internship with a smile (like getting coffee and lunch) and she needs to send professional e-mail in complete sentences. This might seem obvious, but I've worked with some interns that somehow don't know these basics. Good advice, mom!

Favorite quotes:

-"Well, my life plan is that in college I'm going to maybe dance. Then, I'm going to become a superstar." - Taylor

-"Getting older girls is, like, an accomplishment, because you're like 'yes, I'm only in 10th grade and I got a senior girl. Yeah.'" - Sebastian

-"My biggest problem this week was that my tux wasn't tight enough. That's when you know things are good." - PC

-"There's nothing worse than a boring, obnoxious, just really plain, well-behaved girl. That sucks." - PC

-"There's a way of selling yourself and there's a way of exposing yourself, and I just wasn't ready for that exposure, I guess. I felt like a prostitute." - Jessie



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