Operation Fabulous? I Have My Doubts...

Tyra Banks is spinning off herself...except that she'll only be producing.

Operation Fabulous will star the two Jays - Jay Manuel and J Alexander - as they travel across the country and attempt to make the five least fashionable females in each town they visit into little fashionistas (something tells me that the unfashionable will deep down still be attractive young ladies...).

So...does this sound like a hit to you all?

To me, it sounds too much like more of the same...basically, it's every show that airs on TLC (What Not to Wear) and one of a few shows that air on Bravo (ahem...Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, anyone).

And...this is Tyra's second spinoff announcement of the week! She is also launching Modelville, which within her talk-show will track the paths of former ANTM losers. Ummm, do we care about them either?

Update: Jay and J have spoken and want to clear up that "it's not a spinoff" (and is currently only a pilot-order)! Furthermore, to spice things up, each of the made-over ladies will then compete against one another. Because what show can be fabulous without winners and losers?

This is slowly sounding more awesome...and, fear not...the Jays are not leaving ANTM.

Source: E!Online


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