Featured Preview: FOX's Lie to Me

For all of the non-Losties that will not be watching ABC for 3 straight hours (don't forget about that pre-premiere clip show) come this Wednesday, let me present to you a different option:

Lie to Me.

Lie to Me premieres Wednesday at 9/8c on Fox following American Idol (and if we are getting real technical, FOX's website says the show will actually start at 9:03 and end at 10:06, so set those DVRs) and appears to have all of the makings of the network's next big hit.

The show stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, a deception except (re: he knows when people are lying to him through tells such as facial cues) who assists the government and various law enforcement agencies through the use of his expertise.

Every deception expert needs a crack team - and Lie to Me brings back The Practice's Kelli Williams to TV as Lightman's partner, psychologist Gillian Foster. Brendan Hines and Monica Raymund round out the cast as lead researcher Eli Loker and new hire Ria Torres.

Of course, avid TV watchers will note that Lie to Me demonstrates some similarities between other procedurals with highly-observant scientists or private investigators, mainly CBS's The Mentalist (also, to a degree Eleventh Hour and Psych). Will the show distinguish itself from the pack?

Watch a preview here and then tune into Lie to Me's premiere this Wednesday at 9:03 on Fox and decide for yourself!


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