Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 11 "Pill-O-Matix" Review

From TVSquad by Jane Boursaw:

(S01E11) Nothing really jumped out at me about this episode ... well, ok, the spider scene. And the end scene. That opened up a big can o' worms for Jackie that I'm sure will have big consequences for her one way or another. And I appreciated seeing Victor Garber as the movie critic patient, and the mess Zoey made while caring for him.

But that's how Nurse Jackie operates. There usually aren't any major "wow" scenes; the episodes just sort of float along, one playing off of the other in more of a real-life fashion.

In case anyone hasn't seen the episode yet, I'll get into more details after the jump.

The tap-dancing scene: I can see where Jackie's coming from. The other kid wasn't giving Grace any space, so of course, Jackie would fight for her daughter. Except her daughter didn't seem too annoyed by it and Jackie getting into a little tussle with the other kid didn't help matters. Maybe a better solution would have been to just pull Grace back a little, so she'd have a line all to herself. Then again, the other mom wasn't being helpful at all.

Kevin and Fiona buying a new ring for Jackie. Just a really sweet scene that makes me want to punch Jackie for fooling around behind Kevin's back. My current theory is that she started sleeping with Eddie to get the pills, and then fell for him along the way. At least after he's gone, she'll be able to reset the Pill-O-Matix to get her pills. Not that that's a good thing.

Coop falling for Jackie. After one kiss? And he gives her flowers and Extra gum? What's up with that, and who is this guy anyway? I think O'Hara was spot-on when she said, "Oh, goodie, now he can take you to the prom," after she and Jackie watched Coop break up with his girlfriend so he could be with Jackie.

Jackie arguing with the movie critic over Hotel for Dogs and The Guardian. I'm sort of on her side with this. Different movies appeal to different people, and not every movie has to be an Oscar winner to be fun. Then again, he's right, too. His job is to pick apart movies.

Zoey giving the movie critic too large a dose. Well, that's just sloppy nursing. But it did lead to Zoey's little talk over pizza with Mo-Mo and Thor, which was just touching and sweet.

Jackie shopping with O'Hara. Jackie seems to take everything so nonchalantly, that I was surprised she'd be all stressed out over O'Hara taking her shirt off in the middle of the store. I figured she'd just sit there and watch as the passers-by ogled O'Hara through the window.

Spiders in a patient's ears. Ugh, I can't even write this without cringing. And then the size of that thing! Double-ugh. I'm amazed Mo-Mo didn't pass out. I almost did just watching it.

The End Scene. I see big, big troubles for Jackie over Eddie seeing her with Kevin and the girls through the window. And, hopefully, she'll get a clue that she's got a great thing going at home, and why the heck is she messing it up?

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Aug 23, 2009 1:17PM EDT

I had a spider in my ear once - for real. I just about knocked myself unconscious banging my head with my hand to dislodge the dashed thing. Fortunately I managed to get rid of it on to the floor - but was left with a short thick spider leg on my pillow.....
I love O'Hara. I just think she's brilliant.

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