TV Guide's Top TV Moments of the Week - Featured

Includes spoilers for episodes that aired this week of House, Harper's Island, Chuck, Lost and more.

Spring has sprung hard in the world of television: No less than five new shows scored spots on this week's Top Moments, four of them in their debut week. Plenty of old dogs still made the list, but a few might have to step up with so many young 'uns nipping at their heels. (Sorry, spring always makes us think of puppies.) Enjoy our Top Moments, newborn-pugs-dressed-as-Easter-bunnies edition.

10. Family Affair Award: After 10 years, Chuck is finally reunited with his father - and learns that he's the brains behind the Intersect. Will dad save Chuck from his life as a walking super-computer?

9. Best Cross-Promotion: Fox ratings behemoth American Idol makes nice with Fringe by featuring the show's mysterious Observer character in Tuesday's audience, making for a creepy version of "Where's Waldo." Fans also spot the bald one at a weekend NASCAR rally. Synergy!

8. Grisliest "Half" Hour: The second slaying on Harper's Island provides us the sight of Harry Hamlin's cleaved-at-the-waist body, dangling from a footbridge. To clarify our little pun, the show lasts an hour.

7. Cheesecake-Topped-with-Exposition Award: ABC's new cop drama, The Unusuals, opens with an unremarkable please-pay-attention-to-us opening: Amber Tamblyn's Det. Casey Shraeger working the vice beat, dressed as a hooker, just like those eye-candy female cops on Miami Vice. She gets a call while she's streetwalking from her wealthy mom, who's sure the help is stealing. The show looks promising, but needs to work a little harder to live up to its title. The New York Times has already called it out for stealing a scene from The (wonderful) Wire.

6. Worst Pick-Up Line: When Rashida Jones' character on NBC's new mockumentary, Parks & Recreation, complains at a public meeting about a local pit where her musician boyfriend broke both his legs, the brilliant Aziz Ansari (playing a department bureaucrat) tries to get personal: "Wow, I'm sure this must be really tough for you... the guy, it sounds like he didn't have a lot going for him to start with. And now, both legs broken, he's just - weak. You probably feel like you have to move on." In full disclosure, we'd hit on Jones, too - but with less game.

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