Checking Up on Dollhouse: Facts About the Lost Episode - Featured

We haven't spoken about fan favorite (and much improved!) series Dollhouse in quite some time here on SideReel.

The series was renewed for a second season and will be returning to Fox Fridays on September 18th.

Fans of the show may recall that whole unaired 13th episode fiasco. As a refresher, there's an episode of the series floating around - "Epitaph One" - that due to licensing issues will not ever be airing on FOX (it was produced independently by Joss Whedon and company; it also stands alone in terms of continuity with the rest of the series).

However, the episode will be shown at the San Diego Comic Con later this month and is also going to be a part of the Season 1 DVD release (dropping July 28th). Fans will certainly want to see the episode so mark your calendars for that DVD release date!

If you're a little more curious about the episode's premise, check out this cool feature from The Chicago Tribune including mild spoilers (with warning beforehand):

13 facts about 'Epitaph One,' the 'lost' episode of 'Dollhouse'

Who can't wait for Epitaph One and Dollhouse Season 2?!


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