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The Beautiful Life aired its second episode on The CW last night. Yes, I am still watching this show because I am lured by the pretty faces and sparkles. But, seriously, this show is laughably bad, beginning with its asinine title (The Beautiful Life: TBL). So, without further ado, things I learned from last night's episode:

1. Knowing what "irony" is makes you a smart model. (Cole comments, "Does anybody else find a group of models partying for global hunger ironic? Does anybody know the definition of irony?'' This is supposed to be funny, I think, because models are dumb...except for Cole, because he knows what irony is - Ha. Ha.)

2. This is how models dress around the house:

3. The paparazzi/entertainment news networks cover the lives of models that nobody has ever heard about.

4. Not only do all of the models live in the same building together, but half of them book the same photo shoot!

5. This is the attire in which models do their nightly reading, all whilst carrying on a conversation with their roommate (And, again, Cole is smart...because he reads).

6. Elle Macpherson: Should probably stick to the modeling portion of her model/actress title, because I am sorry, but she is awful.

7. Mischa Barton: Should probably abandon both modeling and acting. Seriously, she's playing herself, yet somehow she's still bad. I am sorry, but her acting has somehow gotten worse since her days on The O.C., which I didn't think was possible!

8. "Thugs" on The CW wear designer jeans and polo shirts (Couldn't get a good screenshot, but this is what the guys that beat up Raina's brother were wearing...I'm not joking)!

9. Whoring yourself out is always the answer (Sonja, Isaac and Marissa have all already used this tactic). You've gotta love The CW sometimes...

And...saving the best for last:

10. Let the paps know about your cocaine problem, because god forbid they learn you had a baby. (Sonja)

What did you think of the second episode of The Beautiful Life?

Also, if you didn't know, a mere 1.1 million viewers tuned into this episode of TBL, which is bad even by CW standards. This one might not be around for much longer...

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Dec 19, 2009 5:47AM EST

Ha ha ha! This was from far the best series review I've read in a long time! I totally agree with... well, I have to say with your whole speech! Even the reason you kept on watching this show is the same as mine.
So anyway, thanks for some smart and full of nice irony thoughts! =)

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