South Park Season 13, Episode 10 "WTF" Review

October 22, 2009 - Do you smell what South Park is cookin'!?!? It's a professional wrestling spoof, and like most South Park parodies, it's pretty spot on. But, despite the accuracy of its sarcasm and wit, this episode lacks a lot of the punchy kind of comedy that the show is usually known for, and it spent more time emulating its target than satirizing it in the usually brutal South Park fashion.

A lot of South Park episodes don't end with the premise they started with, but this ain't one of them episodes. Right from the bat, it's pretty clear that our boys are going to end up emulating the antics of the weekly drama of pro wrestling. But they do at least spend a little time trying to learn what real wrestling (or wrasslin') is like, and it's not what they expect. It's far more homoerotic than they were thinking, and when Butters tries to do the traditional wrestling mount on Cartman, the boys scratch the idea of becoming real wrestlers and go ahead and form their own professional fake wrestling federation. It quickly attracts an audience...of rednecks. They've got all the wrestling cliches down, from fake fights to folding chair beatings.

But as we know, pro wrestling these days is becoming less about the physical action and more like soap operas for men, and that's where this episode focuses its criticism. The boys go on some pro-wrestling style diatribes with their microphones and their fake back stories and their costumes. By the time the end of the episode rolls around, the boys are basically just putting on a play...a play with the most horrible storyline ever. The analogy between theater and pro wrestling is an obvious obvious that it seems like it wasn't necessary. This joke has been told been before, and for once, South Park didn't really add anything new to the punchline.

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