Cycle 10, Episode 2 Review

What happened on Top Model this week?

The girls move into their Tyra shrine...I mean, loft. As verbalized by Marvita, Fatima is a "mean African" (albeit one that has had a female circumcision...Fatima keeps reminding us of this). The girls mock homeless people? 2 girls go home.


-First we see the departure of Kim. Kim drops the bombshell to Tyra in judging that "like the whole fashion thing it like doesn't interest me at all". Kim continues to dig a larger hole for herself and then pretty much has no choice but to "go home" when Tyra challenges her to do so.

-Next, Atalya is eliminated. After rejecting her, Tyra tells poor Atalya that "maybe she can do a little commercial modeling or something" but that the judges "don't see high fashion". Burn.

Some thoughts and reactions to the episode:

-"A lot of people think that I am this dumb blond but I am really very down to earth." - Kim

Oh Kim. Somebody wasn't paying attention when they taught antonyms in school. The last time I checked, being "down to earth" is not the opposite of, nor does it make you not dumb.

-Welcome to the loft, where there are ample pictures of Tyra, but not enough beds?! It seems there are only some bunk beds and a single king-sized bed available to sleep everyone, all within a very small area. This is sheer brilliance. I smell drama already.

-I know this is a touchy subject, but how many times is Fatima (who, by the way, is in fact beautiful) going to bring up the female circumcision? She keeps claiming that she would use her win to raise awareness, but I'm entirely skeptical. "Buy CoverGirl Cosmestics and just say no to female circumcision?" I don't think that would fly, and when else besides CoverGirl commercials do Top Models ever get any exposure?

-Badgley Mischka is actually kind of big time to appear on ANTM. I’m baffled.

-Exit Twiggy (last season) Enter Paulina Porizkova.

1) How old is Paulina? She still looks really good!

2) This lady is harsh. One could even say she’s a b****. I love her already!

-When is ANTM going to go Green? They seriously need to do away with those ghastly Hummer limo things…

-Not to be mean, but I thought Saleisha looked unremarkable in her CoverGirl commercial and for the second week in a row, sounded bored. The fact that they put a Queen Latifah CoverGirl commercial immediately after did not help things (i.e. CoverGirl isn't trusting Saleisha to sell anything...)

-I enjoyed that as "homeless people", the girls pretty much just looked like Olsen twins.

-Will pose for change (and not change as in the verb, pictured above)? Is that offensive? I feel like it kind of minimizes the plight of the homeless. Tyra also does not help things by reminding everyone of her own plight of being "homeless for a day" on The Tyra Banks Show, complete with video footage…

-I loved how Tyra tried to make Kim feel bad with archival footage of other girls that did not make the cut when Kim announced that the show wasn't for her. Furthermore, the fading of Kim in the group photo before the episode ended was priceless.

-Next week…MAKEOVERS!


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