SYTYCD: Evaluating the Remaining Couples

Since we're almost at the halfway marker for So You Think You Can Dance (and beginning next week the couples will be split up), I felt it was an appropriate time to award some Midseason Superlatives to our remaining couples.

So...without further ado:

Most Overrated Couple - I am sorry, but I just am not feeling the love that everyone else feels for Courtney and Gev. Courtney especially - I think both the judges and the general public are so blinded by the fact that she is gorgeous that they refuse to admit that while she is a good dancer, she isn't spectacular. Last week when Courtney had to dance for her life...I was flabbergasted that she was the first one sent back to safety. I thought she was the weakest out of the three! Even at the beginning of each episode when each dancer struts their stuff for like 10 seconds, I always find Courtney to be the most...average...out of the bunch.

Most Underrated Couple - It's always about Katee and Joshua or Kherington and Twitch...but wow...Jessica and Will! First of all, thank you to whomever keeps on dressing Will in barely more than a loincloth. But I digress - these two have been progressively improving every week. I don't normally feel the contemporary routines...but after this week's "Feel the music/Garden of Eden/Whatever that was" routine, I am a fully converted Jessica and Will fan, even if their Quick Step was mediocre (and I hope the judges have finally decided to stop telling Jessica that she'll never be as good as Will).

Most Consistent Couple - This one is a gimme; Katee and Joshua don't make mistakes (even if this week's Viennese Waltz was slightly less amazing than their usual routines, the Bollywood bit more than compensated). They're pretty much this season's golden couple, which is funny, since the judges nearly didn't let Katee on the show.

The Judges Would Love Them If They Did the Macarena (Favoritism Award) - This one goes to Kherington and Twitch, but mainly to Kherington. Don't get me wrong; I like Kherington and Twitch. I think they're both really talented and deserve to make it very far. That being said, until tonight's tango (which the judges still could have been way harsher about, because it was actually pretty bad), the judges absolutely refused to criticize these two - and especially Kherington. By the way, Kherington was not great in this week's krumping routine either. However, the judges openly admitted they they would "ignore the last part of the routine". Why the blatant favoritism?

The Judges Hate You - This one goes to Comfort and whoever her partner happens to be (this week, Thayne). I seriously don't understand why Comfort is still around. Comfort should have in the very least gone home last week (I was not a huge Courtni Lind fan, but she was robbed). Week in and week out, the judges rip Comfort apart. This week, I actually thought she was better than usual, but it made no difference. If Comfort doesn't go home this week I will be shocked. Sorry Thayne, Comfort has brought you down with her...

Best Chemistry/Prettiest Couple - Yep, Chelsea and Mark are the only ones left and they're actually my favorite ones to watch. I think they have the best chemistry out of everyone and on top of that, they are both completely adorable! They also get the "You're almost Katee and Joshua, but not quite award"...because if not for the occasional criticism of Mark's technique - these two are also amazingly consistent.

So who has been your favorite couple so far and who do you think will be going home tonight?? Discuss! I know you SYTYCD fans are out there...


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