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This post is spoiler-tastic. You've been warned.

Last night marked the much anticipated - and delayed - premiere of Project Runway Season 6 on Lifetime Television.

But not so fast!

Any Project Runway fan likely first couldn't resist tuning into the 2 hour Project Runway: All Stars Special at 8PM - featuring the returns of popular designers from season's past including Santino, Jeffrey, Mychael (did he always spell his name with a 'y'?), Uli, Chris March, Sweet P, Daniel Vosovic and Korto.

Santino, wtf?/>

This special was enjoyable enough; all 8 designers proved that it was no fluke that they had fared well in their original, respective seasons. Furthermore, it was certainly fun to reconnect with some faces, especially those from the earlier seasons, like Daniel. However, I was slightly disappointed with what both Santino and Jeffrey produced; Santino in particular created a line of tacky-looking aliens-from-outer-space costumes. It was no surprise then that both Jeffrey and Santino were quickly knocked out.

This was bottom 4?/>

I will say - regarding the judging of the All Stars - that I thought Uli was robbed and absolutely deserved to be in the top group; I thought her dresses were completely gorgeous, wearable and would have looked fantastic on the red carpet. I also thought Sweet Pea's dresses were overpraised; I agreed with Nina's "hand sewn" comment because with the exception of her restaurant challenge dress, I thought the dresses looked like they belonged in Forever 21. But what do I know?


Regardless, I was happy to see Daniel and Korto back in the Top group - and it became abundantly clear that Daniel would win after the judges praised his "Red Carpet Dress", as the dress actually looked like something Nicole Kidman might wear on a red carpet. Korto's restaurant challenge dress was amazing, but her red carpet dress seemed a little forgettable (as Michael Kors commented...the restaurant dress looked more red carpet). Finally, Korto probably should have toned down her sour puss just a little; nobody likes a sore loser.

What did you think of Project Runway All Stars? Agree with the results?

Now onto the main event...

I am happy to report that although the series has packed itself up and moved not only to Lifetime Television, but also to Los Angeles - that things seem to have remained in tact. In fact, it hardly seemed to make a difference that the show is now in LA versus NY. I think I most noticed the lack of the gratuitous shots of the Atlas Apartment building that we always got when they were holed up in NYC.

So we have a new crop of 16 designers who seem to be abundant with both talent and personality. It's too early to talk about most of them by name, though I am sure you all now know who Jonny "I was addicted to crystal meth" Sakalis is. (Speaking of Jonny, I found his breakdown and subsequent pep talk from Tim Gunn to be a little melodramatic and questionably phony, but hey...we're on Lifetime now I guess...)

The very first Season 6 challenge didn't exactly push the envelope; the designers had to design a Red Carpet Look. For first time viewers of the show, just know that part of the show's charm is that future challenges will be far more inventive (I think). I still recall that what originally sold me on Project Runway was Austin's corn husk dress from the Season 1 Supermarket Challenge; I was just awestruck by what beautiful clothing a designer could craft from unconventional materials. could also argue that thematically it makes sense that the show would start with a Red Carpet Challenge upon relocating to Los Angeles. It also gave them an excuse to bring on Lindsay Lohan as a guest judge, who somewhat surprisingly, was able to construct coherent sentences ("I like this dress" totally counts, guys). Way to go, Lindsay!

I definitely agreed with the victor of the first challenge (center, Chris's dress). I didn't think Jonny's dress (right) was Top 3, but then again, we wouldn't want him to go back to his room and relapse with the meth if he had failed...(I kid). I also kind of thought that Ari (leftmost dress) would get to stick around longer for her "crazy" factor, and frankly, terrible as hers was, a person could have worn it out of the house. The same could not be said for Mitch's monstrosity.

So...did you agree with the first elimination? Who are your early favorites?

Finally, because I promised to address all 3.5 hours worth of last night's Project Runway-related TV, let's discuss Models of the Runway.

I'll keep it short: There is not enough material here to make a show. Not even a 30 minute one (which is the length of Models of the Runway). As many times as Heidi tries to convince us that the models are in some sort of a competition when on Project Runway, since the models have zero control of the's pretty much the lamest "competition" ever. These models also seem to have far less personality than the ones that I've seen on other modeling reality competitions. I'll give this show one more chance, but after next week, I'm probably bailing.

What did you think of Models of the Runway?


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Aug 21, 2009 6:36PM EDT

Okay. I admit it. I watched 3 of the 3.5 hours of Runway last night. (I ran off into the night before Models started because everyone knows models belong to Tyra) (Wanna be on top...*bounce* *bounce*)
I agree that Uli should have been in the top 4. How can they toss her for following the advice they pounded home to her every week in her previous season? They really should have called the show "Do more of what you did last time you were here!" Her dresses looked awesome.
But for me, the biggest surprise was the do you pick Danial over Korto? Kudos to him for figuring out that the only dress that mattered was the "Red Carpet" dress (which was very nice), but the rest of his line was CRAP! Are cheap 80's knockoffs STILL the rage of fashion? Blech. Plus his Restaurant dress made the model look like a suicide bomber on the runway! All Korto did was make 3 dresses that "any woman would want to wear" and then delivered the 2nd best dress of the night from the "can you still hack it Runway style" Restaurant challenge. (I'd be pissed too.)
As for the new season...w00t. I have to admit, I forgot how much they cry at the beginning. Seriously, its like someone is just off camera telling them that their dog has just died or something. In the end, I am a little surprised that they kicked off the no sketching, clown dressing, ET from KC. She was drama in a bottle and it would have been fun watching Tim Gunn come up with new ways to try and connect with her. Too bad.
I'm ready for more...bring it on Heidi.

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