Gearing Up For LaFleur: Lost Internet Theory Roundup - Featured

The last few episodes of Lost have been crazy.

Luckily for us, Vulture Magazine has assembled a handy dandy roundup of internet theories regarding what's up with Locke, Ben and Widmore. I definitely learned some interesting things!

A taste:

-The most helpful insight in Doc Jensen's six-page analysis concerns the name game: Given that the philosophers John Locke and Jeremy Bentham were ideological opposites, Widmore must have been playing a joke and showing disdain for Locke, or crafting a more accurate identity for Locke, one that Locke will fully adopt in the coming "war." [EW]

-Don't think that we've seen the last of Locke's adventures in L.A.: About a month elapsed between when he was in the car accident and ended up in the coffin. Just look at Jack's beard, which went from heavy stubble to Joaquin Phoenix proportions. [Long Live Locke]

-Though other scenarios are possible, it's most likely that Ben and Widmore are both evil, selfish, egomaniacal, and so on. They may seem reverential of prophecies and espouse a whole lot of mythology, but in the end they're just power-hungry jerks using everyone they can as pawns in their battle. [Buddy TV]

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