By the Numbers: FNL on DirecTV

Wondering how many people watched Friday Night Lights on DirecTV last week?

The answer has arrived...400,000.

While this doesn't seem like a very large number (especially since the 6.2 million people that were watching it on NBC last season was considered more or less a ratings bomb), you have to remember that not that many people receive DirecTV. DirecTV reaches 17.1 million homes; NBC reaches over 100 million.

So...if you do a little bit of the math...400,000 actually seems pretty me at least.

Of course, DirecTV has also been using the program to lure new subscribers, and it is unclear whether or not this has been successful.

The overall success of the deal will also remain unknown until the show returns to NBC this winter. Will the NBC numbers decline considerably with this early airing? Hopefully not by more than 400,000...

In the meantime, a new episode of Friday Night Lights airs at 9PM tonight on DirecTV.

Source: TV Decoder


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Oct 10, 2008 5:44PM EDT

thank god for megavideo

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