Interview with Samantha Fox

SideReel had a chance to interview this week's America's Prom Queen castoff and here's what we learned:

Samantha Fox claims she knew what she was getting herself into when she signed on to participate in ABC Family's reality program, America's Prom Queen, which she learned of randomly while surfing Craigslist.

Fox was the latest girl booted off of the program this past Monday when the judges accused her of "selling out" her teammate, Macy. If you haven't been watching AmericaĆ¢€™s Prom Queen, Macy "Miss Tennessee Teen USA" seems to be the escape artist of the bunch; she lands in the bottom group every episode, but always manages to squeeze by.

During this week's episode, Macy opted to take a nap and spend lengthy amounts of time applying her makeup as opposed to spending time preparing with her team for the competition at hand. Samantha revealed this information to the judges and consequently was accused of "throwing Macy under the bus". However, Samantha revealed to us in our interview that the show had in fact asked her to identify the team's weakest player, and it was only at this point that she provided Macy's name (who in all honesty, was the team's weakest player).

When asked what she learned from the whole ordeal, Fox says that perhaps being honest doesn't always work in situations such as these. When asked whether the show had portrayed her accurately, Fox replied that she wishes the show had shown more footage of her attempting to work as a team with Macy, the end result of which was always Macy being difficult (and for the record, Fox says she wouldn't change the way she acted at all and still believes Macy to be a "horrible human").

Samantha already knows who will be in the final 3, though she can't tell us. She's pulling for LaShell or Carmen to win, whom she believes to be the most honest and genuine girls in the house.

Overall, Fox has no regrets about being on the show, saying that she "would do it again" and in fact would love to have her own reality show with LaShell, who was one of the girls in the house that she clicked the most with (and swears is not the "bully" that the show claims). She says that she was just there to have fun - which she did - and recognized the whole thing as a great experience that not everyone has the opportunity to do.

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