FNL: Some Season 3 Specifics

The good news is that Friday Night Lights is getting a 3rd season.

Here is some less good news that you may or may not already know:

1. It will not be airing on NBC until the winter.

2. It will only consist of 13 episodes.

That's right; the season order is only for a total of 13 episodes and it is not going to be extended. However, executive producer Jason Katims doesn't think that this is a bad thing because since they already have this information they can plan the season accordingly.

Says Katims: "I also like the number 13 because it's about the amount of games in a high school football season. It can be a way for us to outline the season, driven by the ups and downs of what happens during the year."

Katims promises that every character will receive the attention and detail that their story deserves. Some potential challenges that he sees include Smash, who will have graduated high school (which is always a difficult transition in a TV program).

Finally, he said that as of now he has no intentions to write the end of the 3rd season as a series finale...

Source: Buddy TV


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May 3, 2008 6:56PM EDT

I'm a big fan of 13 episode seasons. It means the writers can create denser storylines, forsaking the filler that is required to stretch the content to meet the advertising needs of the network. Think about it... the most memorable shows of the last ten years have been short seasons. The British use short seasons, too. I expect this will be the best season of FNL yet, since there is definitely 10 hours worth of story there.

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