Eli Stone: Aneurysm Free and Awaiting a 2nd Season

Alright everyone. Time to "have a little faith" that ABC will do the right thing and renew Eli Stone for a second season.

That being said, should it not happen, I thought that last night's episode did a fantastic job of giving us just enough closure regarding the current story arc.

I was a little bit concerned at first with the legal case at hand. We were presented with a man that was in court, arguing against his wife for his right to not receive chemotherapy (and presumably die). His rationale behind not wanting it? God had told him not to get it. Oh great, I thought. More people being spoken to by God. Just what we need!

However - watching as much TV as I have - I should have seen it coming - the parallels and all with Eli's own medical situation (especially since in the previous episode he had enlisted Matt Dowd to write his ironclad living will, ensuring that he would never end up living as a vegetable)...it was all in Eli's head.

Portions of the episode were real - like Jordan announcing that he would be opening a pro-bono firm. Everyone together now: awwww, Eli is rubbing off on the world (though I am getting concerned that everyone has become too damn nice and sappy on this show).

George Michael (who clearly has a lot of free time) made yet another cameo near the end for another great musical number (with participation by a very musically inclined cast). My favorite line of the episode also came around then when Eli asked George Michael if he was God, to which George responded, "Well, some men have said so."

The episode ended rather suddenly with Eli finally realizing that he was comatose and willing himself to open his eyes. As soon as his eyes opened, it cut to the credits...

I thought that this was a great ending to the season (or even - dare I say - series). There was some resolution in that we know that Eli is ok; the aneurysm is gone and he has woken up (presumably not brain damaged...). However, the topic of the "where did the visions come from" was not broached, nor did it need to be. Much like Eli's imaginary court case where the judge concluded that they couldn't prove or disprove that the man had been spoken to by God, we are left equally unsure whether Eli's visions were coming from God (Eli the prophet...) or his aneurysm (Eli the crazy...). For me, even if a second season doesn't happen, I would be very content having this idea left open to possibility as it was. Basically, I would be content if this was the series finale.

Should a second season occur, they will obviously have to attack the question. Eli will have to either stop receiving visions because the aneurysm is no longer or he will have to continue receiving them meaning that they were coming from up above all along. I love the balance that the show has created thus far - addressing religious faith, but not being overly preachy (always leaving science open as a possibility for explanation), so I think they will have a difficult task at hand if and when they are dealing with an aneurysm free Eli in Season 2.

That being said, Eli Stone has only gotten stronger as this short first season has progressed. I guess I owe it to the show to assume that they will handle things properly and maintain the great balance of science vs. faith that they have crafted throughout this whole season should the show continue on.

So, let's all "have a little faith" that ABC sees to it that Eli returns to our screens in the Fall!




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Apr 18, 2008 7:10PM EDT

Such a good episode! Eli Stone has gotten stronger throughout its first season, so I would love to see it back for Season 2, though I do agree it gave us a reasonably satisfactory conclusion as is. Things would certainly get more complicated if we had an an aneurysm-free Eli. The balance between faith and science has been so important to the first season both in interest for viewers and the show's safety as an acceptable primetime series. I think it has a lot to stand on to continue on, and it'd be very interesting to see where they take it, so I will indeed have faith for a renewal!!

Default avatar cat

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Apr 19, 2008 11:22AM EDT

Phenomenal season/series ending I have to agree. I really loved the musical number with the flashbacks of Eli's experiences it really summed things up well.I would like to see Eli come back, but I too am quite satisfied with this close.

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