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Marvel's Jessica Jones


MARVEL has done it again. Continuing and improving upon the darker and grittier themes first explored by Marvel in Daredevil, Jessica Jones does not disappoint. The villain, Killgrave, delivers suspense and fear, unlike the usual lackluster Marvel villain, and while at first glance his power may seem dull, the episodes perfectly demonstrate how terrifying it actually is. The story differs from most "superhero" shows in that the show Jessica Jones does not start with her rise from an ordinary person to a superhero, instead diving headfirst into her career as a PI after she gives up the crime fighting gig. Amazing characters, great story, and a badass woman to lead it all, definitely the best female-led story of this type I have seen.
Season 1: 10/10



This dramatized take of Pablo Escobar's life is very well made with great visuals and acting. The story keeps you involved and interested throughout with the birth of the cocaine trade in Columbia and its subsequent exportation to America, and I really liked the insertion of pictures and clips from the actual events of the 1980s.

Each episode was packed with information that was easy to follow thanks to the voice-over narration from DEA agent Steve Murphey (Boyd Holbrook).

Also, whether a deal breaker or not is up to you (personally I am a fan), most of each episode is shot in Spanish.


If you like Supergirl and The Flash this show is for you. On the other hand, series like Jessica Jones/Daredevil, Agents of Shield, or Gotham lack that childish nature that you find on the CW, and this show can still fall into that trap. Similar problems include cheesy and bad acting. The villain, Vandal Savage, will definitely garner some attention from the comic book fans out there.

Update: Gave up mid-episode 3 - extremely poor acting and childishness


This is the best show ever made.

ANG >>>> Korra



Really mixed feelings about this show. Powers has a much more realistic take on a world with superpowered citizens with the aspects of crime, fame, and imperfection, but while I want to rate this show in the 8-10 range, I cannot because the action sequences aren't very believable and the younger actors are BAD. All flying is obviously fake, almost as if you can see the wires they are hanging on. The older characters carry the show with their better performances and are instantly likeable, but younger actors, particularly the character Calista, are downright annoying and unwatchable. Basically with a higher budget and better young actors this would've been phenomenal.

MARVEL Comics (Icon Comics Imprint) - PlayStation Network

Season 1: 7/10

Season 1: 6/10
Kind of boring, and "Phil Coulson's" acting was terrible. The show seemed to be centered on random superpowered people but gained direction after the Hydra Arc (Avengers tie-in).

Season 2: 8.5/10
Season 2 was worlds better than season one, especially because of the Inhumans arc (Inhumans Movie scheduled for 2019). Also had a minor tie in to Avengers: Age of Ultron with Hydra's "Enhanced Humans" research facility and the "Theta Protocol."