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Game of Thrones


If you haven't heard of Game of Thrones by now and you frequent this site, you need to learn about this show ASAP. Game of Thrones is a show based on a fantasy book written by George RR Martin and it is packed with suspense, politics, and gory deaths. Of course, any fan will tell you the highlight of this show is the gory deaths and that is definitely not a lie. Unlike most traditional show formats, none of the main cast is safe from death so it's honestly immensely fun and thrilling to watch this show. From the writing, plot, cinematography, acting, casting choice and setting, this is a beautifully weaved show. I don't expect anything less from the choice of actors and behind the scenes professionals! And trust me when I say you will get pulled into this fantasy world. Plus, their theme song is--for the lack of a better word--the shit! (Such an epic opening, hands down, even if you don't watch, just listen to the theme song!) Just try it out and I am telling you right now, you will not regret what you are getting into. Not for a moment. Welcome to the world of Westeros! May you join our fandom with haste. :)