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The Flash


The Flash is my favourite DC universe superhero and when this show was announced I was so excited. It hasn't disappointed me so far, at least! I am excited to see a major arc start to happen after this mid-season finale, hopefully. Or maybe after this season.



Merlin was indisputably one of the best shows I have ever watched, if not the best. First of all, not gonna lie, Bradley James and Colin Morgan are both so cute. Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath are both really gorgeous, and so so cute too. The bloopers that I managed to find online were great; their interactions off-set really had chemistry, and it showed in the episodes.

Arthurian legend has always fascinated me, and I loved this adaptation of it. It managed to incorporate drama into it, and managed to change the storyline a little, but it was still able to not stray too far from the real legend itself. I loved some of the plot twists, the acting, the scenery, literally everything. The bromance between Merlin and Arthur was the epitome of friendship. Arthur might have been a dick sometimes, but Merlin always pulled him back, and helped Arthur to the best of his abilities even if they were fighting or having a conflict between them. The scenes that Colin and Bradley had between them were the cutest, and even more so were the off-set interactions and fun they had with each other. And the Knights of the Round Table? Eoin Macken, Rupert Young and Tom Hopper are all worth a watch in this show.

Morgana turning evil because of her magical powers was really interesting, and I had a major love-hate relationship with the ending. The story was beautifully woven, portraying Arthur's love for Guinevere, Arthur's trying to rule Camelot, and the underlying arc of The Great Dragon helping Merlin out with his magical powers. I was all prepared for a happy ending. And then the ending killed me. It stabbed me right in the heart, ripped it out, and shredded it to a million pieces. Arthur dies. Not to mention he did it in Merlin's arms with Merlin weeping his heart out. I loved it. Not entirely sure if it was pure bromance or there are some homosexual undertones, but hey, a girl loves a mixture of both, right? And then it is shown that Merlin is still alive and immortal, driving a truck across the roads of the modern age, and still waiting for Arthur to be reborn, as he is the Once and Future King, and Arthur will rise again in Albion's greatest hour of need. I got chills listening to it in the show when I watched it a few years back, and I'm getting chills writing about it now.

I recommend this show to whoever likes history drama, albeit it isn't as dramatic as shows like Reign or perhaps Downton Abbey. It was a fun one to watch, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, from start to finish. Writing this review almost makes me want to rewatch it again, which I probably will, when I have the time.

But for now, I think I will hope wistfully for a sequel where Arthur is reborn as the Once and Future King, and where Merlin finds his best friend again.


Amazing TV show, as exciting as its predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Things got a little boring for me in the middle, but it picked up in Seasons 3 and 4 and it was amazing. Kuvira's arc was one of the most exciting arcs in the series, what with the spirit world thingamajigs and whatnot. Season 4 kept me on the edge of my seat while I was waiting each week for the episode to air and I kind of miss that.

The last subtle touch on Korra's and Asami's romance was a breakthrough; I didn't know it until I read an article on the producers confirming the relationship (this just shows that I had been watching it through a hetero lens) but when I found out I fully supported their relationship.

I think anyone looking for short episodes to pass their time quickly but don't really want to commit (since there are only about 12 episodes per season) should watch this show; I guarantee you won't regret it.