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Dorea Akker-Mol


Adam Ruins Everything


i really like this program, its informative without being boring and actually fun to watch.
it makes you look at yourself as a consumer and the world around you and teaches you why things are the way they are and what we can do to make things better!

i adore douglas adams his writing, i love the way utter chaos and madness gets woven into a magnificent story that somehow makes sense in a weird way.
Although i enjoyed the film of the hitchhiker's guide through the galaxy it was a bleak rendition of the story i had read and loved before.
In dirk gently's case, i feel the series comes a lot closer to the chaotic genius story ive read in the books.
Dont watch this show if you want an answer right away (or at all for that matter)
Watch this show for the ride, the adventure and the madness.

The Mighty Boosh


my boyfriend always tells me that this is not a show to watch when sober.
i sincerely disagree.
i mean yes it gets quite silly at times but its original quirky and honest humor.
the script and plot lines are out there and yet they don't seem to be trying to be funny, they just are!
if you like the weird and wonderful please check this out cause it ll brighten your day!

yes it was over the top and yes some of it was rehearsed and oh my gosh the tempo they keep is leaving you of breath just watching it.
but still i liked it, neil patrick harris seemed to hold his own through the madness and he seemed genuine.
i would like a breather every now and then.

i might be biased, since i find john oliver really funny.
but the thing i really love about this show i how genuinely upset he can get over subjects and how he is willing them to change by taking action.
and maybe more importantly this show makes you think about these subjects.
so if you want to keep up on current events and also also have a laugh than i recommend this show.



Considering this is one big promotional ad campaign for clothing this is absolutely amazing.
The story is set after the classic pan tale.
We start with a teenage wendy mourning her brothers and not remembering neverland.
The concept of the series is amazing and should really be used at a grander and larger scale.
The entire web series only takes up 45 minutes but captures loss, love, and choosing responsibility or choosing happiness.

Tin Man


this takes place a few hundred years after dorothy
oz is being ruled by her great-great-great-great-grandchildren
i really like how history repeats itself but in a unique and modern way
so if you have few hours to spare and want to watch something wonderful i'd definitely recommend this
the whole thing is 4,5 hour and i watched it all in one go and loved every second of it