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Z Nation


I'm so glad I gave this show a chance, because it is freaking amazing. The episodes are all action-packed, the character development is great and they work well together. I love it! I'm happy this got renewed for season 2.

Edit: This show is on season 2 now and I have to say that... I still love it! It's so campy and funny. I'm never bored or easily distracted while watching this show. You can't take the show too seriously if you want to enjoy it.

Santa Clarita Diet


This show is so fun! I binge-watched it in one sitting. I loved the characters and the humour. Sheila and Joel are relationship goals. Drew Barrymore is amazing. Timothy Olyphant is really-really nice to look at. Seriously, how is he so attractive? I suggest you go watch this show now! And it better get a second season.

Anne with an E


I absolutely adored this adaption of Anne Of Green Gables! The acting is superb, the characters are all lovable, even the ones I wasn't so keen on initially, the atmosphere and the nature are beautiful, the story is lovely... I watched all episodes in one sitting and now I can't wait for more.



The first season was a perfect mix of funny moments, drama and action. I was never bored. However, I lost interest while watching the second season.



Superstore had a shaky beginning, but it has become one of my favourite sitcoms that is currently on air. It's a great workplace comedy with diverse characters. They're all realistic characters and they aren't perfect, but you'll love them. I loved shows like The Office and Parks And Recreation, so Superstore is right up my alley. Hopefully this one will last just as long.