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Lucy - UK I like to watch shows that have intricate plots and great characters including dramas, thrillers, mysteries, crime dramas, superhero capers & those with sci-fi/fantasy settings. I love reviewing shows and discussing lists on sidereel too!

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International shows not to miss

4 Shows

All my favourite shows from far and wide, usually subtitles are needed to truly appreciate these masterpieces!

Period settings

11 Shows

Period pieces and historical dramas.

Hot Property

7 Shows

All the best property and renovation shows. (Mainly Channel 4)

Food glorious food!

15 Shows

Shows where food is the centerpiece, be it through competition, documentary or travel!

Best of Netflix Originals

15 Shows

My favourite tv shows Netflix have made over the years. A very varied list, but all wonderful, interesting shows!

Up next to watch...

3 Shows

These are the shows I'm planning on watching next (aka within the next couple of months). Let me know which ones are essential viewing and which need to move down to my…

Thrilling mysteries

26 Shows

Shows that have a thrilling central mystery or include a main character trying to solve mysteries. Lots of spooky and mysterious happenings here...

One day I won't quote from these, but today is not that day

9 Shows

Some shows are just made to be quoted from! When the writing is on fire, these are the shows I find myself quoting from regulary/a lot/every day...

Pass the tissues, these shows are emotional

18 Shows

Shows that have tugged on the heartstrings and made me cry (and sometimes sob my heart out). Some amazing, emotionally connecting performances by characters/actors in…

5 Star Favourites

20 Shows

These are all my favourite shows! Either they're practically faultless or are head and shoulders above the rest of the shows I've watched and enjoyed over the years. I…