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How do I love thee, Television, let me count the ways. I simply love television and all the possibilities the medium contains. Be it mini series, long arcs in drama series or clutching my stomach from laughing at the antics in a sitcom. I'm especially down for a some dramatic comedy or comedic drama. I'm amazed by web series and floored over consistent character development. I have a deep love for British series, flawed characters and one hit wonders among other things.

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39 Shows

All the shows that I'll keep rewatching to the end of the world.

The Ex List

101 Shows

All the shows I once watched, but for some reason or other stopped watching. Remember that they are exes for a reason!

Web series

32 Shows

I love web series and I wish more of the excellent ones out there were available to track on Sidereel.

One hit wonders

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Shows that didn't last long, but still made an impression.