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Star Trek: Discovery


I've watched the first 2 episodes, and this is by far the absolute worst Star Trek ever! The way the Klingons are designed in this is pathetic - for one thing, Klingons have always had hair, so it is uncharacteristic to depict them as totally bald, and then the way their facial prosthetics are in this series looks way too mass produced and unrealistic. Furthermore, this series involves way too much speaking of the Klingon language, which requires those of us Trekkies who haven't actually learned the language to do way too much reading of subtitles (other series have including speaking of the language much more sparingly). Another issue is the way this series is told from the perspective of the first officer rather than the captain - this alters the format that Star Trek series have always followed and is a bad idea even though I really like the character of this first officer. Then there's the way the show is called Discovery, but it doesn't start out with the crew aboard the USS Discovery like it should have! I almost forgot about the pathetic theme - The music for the theme in this series is utterly boring compared to other Star Trek series, & there is no dialog about Space The Final Frontier or anything else for that matter... they should have come up with something way more dramatic!!!