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SideReel respects the rights of content owners and is committed to making sure inappropriate content doesn't appear on SideReel. Our large and loyal fan base comes to SideReel to find engaging content, and we want you to have a say in how your shows appear on our site. Contact us today, and we'll develop a plan that works for you.

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While we index tens of thousands of TV shows and hundreds of thousands of episodes, we don't have everything. Make sure your content appears on SideReel.

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At SideReel, we're dedicated to offering our visitors the deepest catalogue of TV content on the Web, and we want to make sure we aren't missing anything. If some of your TV content doesn't appear on SideReel, let us know. We are happy to leverage any APIs or feeds made available to us.

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The SideReel editorial team works hard to offer our visitors access to the best and latest TV content online. We can help your show's highly-anticipated episode get in front of our visitors, so they know exactly where to find it. We can promote your content via editor pages, social posts, home page slides and much more.


The best way to reach our 10MM monthly unique visitors is to advertise on SideReel. Our direct advertising programs can get you access to our visitors how you want to.

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SideReel hosts video from authorized sources only.

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Claim your content on SideReel to better promote your brand and identify yourself as the owner of video indexed by SideReel.

DMCA compliance

SideReel complies with all applicable laws, including the DMCA. When SideReel is notified by a content owner that a web page on SideReel contains a link to a website that either promotes or displays unauthorized content, SideReel will promptly remove such links.