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When to Quit a Show

Do you feel empty and unfulfilled after watching this show?
Would you rather watch re-runs of this show than current episodes?
Do you watch this show with friends or alone?
Are you embarassed that you watch this show?
Is this show Toddlers and Tiaras?
Does this show pile up on your DVR or streaming queue?
Do you talk to your friends about what happens on this show?
If half the characters in this show died in a plane crash (unless the show is Lost), how would you feel?
Do you watch this show live (or almost live)?
Quit that $#!+
How many times have you heard "You still watch X?!!"
Can you reliably predict the outcome or plot of this show?
How many seasons has this show been on?
Has this show jumped the shark?
Has the entire original cast rotated out or are they all unreasonably aged?
Do you look up hot cast members on Wikipedia or IMDb?
Do you find yourself shopping online or spacing out while watching?
Let it ride.