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11eyes Promo Clip Streaming Now

For those of you who are curious about the 11eyes anime, Marvelous Entertainment is now streaming a short commercial for the show on its website. The brief trailer shows all of the main characters and a hint of the fantasy setting of the show, while playing a clip of the opening by Ayane, "Arrival of Tears." To reach the commercial, click on the "11eyes CM" link on the right side of the page. The show has recently aired in Japan on a few select stations, while the AT-X broadcast of the show officially begins on October 15th. Crunchyroll will stream the episodes online via its streaming service as well.

11eyes Anime Adds to Crunchyroll's Fall Lineup - Featured

Today, Crunchyroll announced the addition of yet another new fall anime to its simulcast smorgasbord with the adult game turned all-ages anime 11eyes . 11eyes is based on a very popular (adult) PC game in Japan of the same name, which was so popular that it was cleaned up and ported to the Xbox 360 for a wider audience. The story follows Kakeru Satsuki, who lost his older sister to suicide when he was young and still bears the emotional scars. He and his childhood friend, Yuka Minase, are transported into a strange new world with a crimson sky filled with strange, shadowy monsters. Together with four other classmates who have also ended up in the world of the Red Night, Yuka and Kakeru have to learn how to use their newfound abilities (Kakeru seems to have magical heterochromia, which is original if nothing else) to defend themselves from the monsters of the Red Night and the mysterious Black Knights. The anime broadcasts every Tuesday, and will be available on Crunchyroll worldwide except in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and French-speaking Europe. Source: Crunchyroll announcement