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16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 12: Kristina Robinson

It's been a long season of tears, laughter, and contractions (we ate a lot of pizza), and how has MTV reward us? By serving up the most emotional episode of 16 and Pregnant yet! Let's just say we were curled up in the fetal position covered in potato chips and pregnancy tests by the time this bad boy ended. //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 11: Devon Broyles

Can you believe it's the second-to-last episode before 16 and Pregnant's season 4 finale? My, my, how time has flown. MTV's delivered week after week of drama-rama, and Devon Broyles is no exception. This army wife to-be had the shock of her life when she found out about the bun in her teenage oven, and we get to watch as she navigates the ins and outs of mommyhood! Also, home girl has a Monroe piercing. It's like she was born to star on 16 and Preggers. //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 10: Sabrina Solares

Like most reality TV shows, 16 and Pregnant is a dish best served hot n' steamy (with a side of pickles), and we can't wait to dig in! Meet Sabrina Solares, a pom-pom twirling high school cheerleader from Tennessee, whose world gets turned upside down when she finds out she's pregnant! Luckily, Sabrina has a supportive baby daddy and a loving family, but that doesn't mean she won't bring the dramz .... //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 9: Sarah Roberts

There are only a handful of 16 and Pregnant episodes left, which means we have to treat every hour of preggo bliss like it's the last slice of pizza on the earth. In other words, savor the flavor. This week, we met one of Georgia's prettiest peaches, 16-year-old Sarah Roberts, who is shocked to find out that she's baking a bun in her underaged oven! Sigh, what else is new? //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 8: Hope Harbert

It's that time of the week again, ladies! 16 and Pregnant is serving up a giant plate of drama –– with a side of pickles, Slurpees, and of course a special edition Dorito taco. Gotta indulge in our faux pregnancy cravings at some point, right? Get ready to meet Hope, a sweet-as-pie sixteenager who got pregnant the night she cashed in her V-card. Sigh, did these kids learn nothing from watching Teen Mom? //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 7: Myranda Trevino

The higher the hair (and the bigger the belly bump) the closer to God, y'all! Meet 16 and Pregnant's resident Southern belle, Myranda Trevino, a high school softball player whose boyfriend accidentally baked a babycake in her oven! Get ready for drama-rama — and remember: Don't mess with Texas or the preggo chicks that live there. //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 6: Jordan Howard

Welcome to the big, preggo world of Jordan Howard — a place where morning sickness lurks around every corner and pickles perfume the air. This sweet sixteenager was in for a shock when she found out about the bun in her oven, but the silver-lining? She's been embraced into MTV's family of teen moms, and her episode of 16 and Pregnant might just be the most dramatic yet! (Actually, no one can beat Jenelle at that game. Please.) //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 5: Alexandria Sekella

Ready for your weekly dose of sex edumacation courtesy of MTV? This week's extra-long 16 and Pregnant boldly went where no episode has gone before ... by which we mean there was more than the usual amount of tie-dye.  Meet Alexandria Sekella, a sweet sixteenager who gets the surprise of her life when her birth control fails and she gets knocked up by her party-loving boyfriend. Sigh, someone pass the Kleenex, this is going to be a tearjerker. //

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 4: Lindsey Harrison

Watch your baby bumps, ya'll, because this week's 16 and Pregnant starlet is packing some serious punches. Give a warm welcome to Lindsey Harrison, a high school cage fighter/model from The Silver State whose life gets turned upside down when she ditches the boxing gloves in exchange for stretch marks and dirty diapers. //

'16 and Pregnant': Meet Lindsey, a cage fighter slash model slash teen mom

Lindsey is an ambitious girl, that's for sure. But her aspirations -- to become a police detective, a professional cage fighter and a model -- were put on hold when she got pregnant at 16. Unfortunately, Forest, the boyfriend of the latest "16 and Pregnant" subject, doesn't really want to put himself out for the sake of his child, so Lindsey is the one who has to give everything up.Isn't that the way it always goes on this show? Early in the episode -- as teased in the Season 4 trailer -- Lindsey laments, "I can't model anymore; I can't cage fight; I can't hunt; I can't do anything I normally would do."But while she spends her summer working long hours at a fast food joint in Reno to save up money in anticipation of the arrival of her daughter, Aniyah, her boyfriend's mom won't let him get a job so he doesn't fail school.... //