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1600 Penn's Josh Gad Sheds 30 Pounds

  Josh Gad is showing off a fitter physique! The 1600 Penn actor told People he's shed 30 pounds by working with a nutritionist and cutting down "from...   //

Jenna Elfman may join NBC's 'Family Guide'; 'Undateable' also recasting roles

A pair of new NBC comedies are in recasting mode, with a well-known actress looking to take over one of the vacated roles.The network wants Jenna Elfman -- who starred on NBC's "1600 Penn" this season -- to take a lead role in "The Family Guide," according to TVLine. She would replace Parker Posey, who left the show after filming the pilot. NBC will also recast two parts on "Undateable," which like "The Family Guide" is set for a midseason debut."The Family Guide" is about a boy (Eli Baker) and his relationship with recently divorced parents (J.K. Simmons plays his father), and how the family ultimately becomes closer after the divorce. DJ Nash, who previously worked with Elfman on "Accidentally on Purpose," created the show."Undateable" is going through its second recasting of the lead female role. Briga Heelan ("Cougar Town") replaced Aly Michalka during the pilot process. Heelan, however, is also a regular on TBS'... //

NBC cancels 'Up All Night,' 'Guys With Kids,' 'Whitney' and '1600 Penn' [Updated]

UPDATE 6 p.m. ET: NBC has also canceled first-year comedy "Guys With Kids" and sophomore "Up All Night," which was the subject of a quixotic attempt by the network to retool it from a single-camera show to a multi-camera one.NBC giveth and NBC taketh away. After picking up several pilots and giving a sixth-season renewal to "Parks and Recreation" on Thursday (May 9), the network swung the cancellation hammer on several other shows.First-year comedy "1600 Penn" won't be back next season. Neither will "Whitney," which got a surprise renewal last year but didn't survive to a third season.Both were expected, as ratings for both "1600" and "Whitney" were soft and NBC is doing a fairly serious overhaul of its comedy roster. It has already picked up four new half-hours to go along with "Parks and Rec."One of the new shows, "About a Boy," will feature "1600 Penn's" Benjamin Stockham as the kid whom David Walton's... //

'1600 Penn' season finale: A White House wedding and a baby

On the season finale of "1600 Penn," due to a wedding license mix-up, it turns out President Gilchrist (Bill Pullman) and Emily (Jenna Elfman) aren't married. You know what that means in sitcom land -- quickie White House wedding!But it can't be any old wedding. Skip (Josh Gad) decides to flex the golden pipes on Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," which it turns out is Becca's (Martha MacIsaac) birthing song, so it sends her into labor. The first family rushes to the hospital -- after first tracking down D.B. (Robbie Amell) at the mall -- and Becca and her baby daddy welcome baby boy. Except D.B. is not the baby daddy. It's Marshall (Andre Holland), the White House Press Secretary.Dun dun dun! Unfortunately, fans of the show probably won't get to see how that turns out. Its ratings are among the lowest for NBC comedies -- 80 percent of Zap2it voters say "kill it." It's... //

'1600 Penn': 'New Girl's' Hannah Simone Drops by the White House (Exclusive Video)

NBC's rookie comedy wraps up its season with two episodes on Thursday. //

1600 Penn Season Finale “Bursting the Bubble; Marry Me, Baby”

NBC’s new series 1600 Penn "Bursting the Bubble; Marry Me, Baby" Episode 10 airs Thursday, March 28 on NBC (8:30-9 p.m. ET & 9:30-10 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: 1600 Penn "Bursting the Bubble – Princess Abigail of Andorra (guest star Hannah Simone) arrives at the White House to attend an annual peace gala and to everyone’s surprise, requests Skip (Josh Gad) to be her escort. Elsewhere, with D.B.’s (guest star Robbie Amell) parenting skills in question, Becca (Martha MacIsaac) decides to put him to the test, and learns something about herself in the process. Meanwhile, Emily (Jenna Elfman) is anxious to find some quality time with her friends, but discover things aren’t as they used to be. Bill Pullman, Amara Miller and Benjamin Stockham also star. READ MORE...

1600 Penn Episode 9 “The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury”

NBC’s new series 1600 Penn "The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury" Episode 9 airs Thursday, March 21 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: 1600 Penn Episode 9 "The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury" – After learning Skip (Josh Gad) only needs to complete one more assignment to graduate college, Emily (Jenna Elfman) vows to do whatever it takes to ensure he receives his diploma. When Becca’s (Martha MacIsaac) ideas fall flat at a committee meeting, she devises a plan to make her voice heard. Elsewhere, Marshall (Andre Holland) takes extreme measures to get a few moments of solitude. Bill Pullman, Amara Miller and Benjamin Stockham also star. READ MORE...

'1600 Penn': Could Josh Gad Replace Henry Winkler as the Fonz? (Exclusive Video)

In a sneak peek from the latest installment of "At the Monitors," Gad's overzealous nature over Winkler's presence gets the best of him. //

1600 Penn Episode 8 “Game Theory”

NBC’s new series 1600 Penn "Game Theory" Episode 8 airs Thursday, March 14 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: 1600 Penn Episode 8 "Game Theory" – When Skip (Josh Gad) announces his big date with Stacey (guest star Susan Park), Emily (Jenna Elfman) takes it upon herself to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Becca (Martha MacIsaac) and D.B. (guest star Robbie Amell) attempt to paint a mural for a special room. Elsewhere, Dale (Bill Pullman) and Xander (Benjamin Stockham) get wrapped up in a heated game of Risk. Amara Miller and Andre Holland also star. Susan Park and Robbie Amell guest star. READ MORE...

'1600 Penn' exclusive video: Josh Gad and Andre Holland discuss their craft

Acting is a craft. Even the greatest of thespians must work long and hard to achieve the right emotions to believably play a part. So just think how tough it must be for Josh Gad of "1600 Penn."We're kidding, of course. Gad is great. But even he might need some pointers now and then. That's when it's good to have someone like Andre Holland around for extra help. With him, a believable adult baby at a funeral might even be possible. Maybe.What sorts of scenes are the actors really preparing for?A date is Skip's goal in the next "1600 Penn" episode, "Game Theory." In this episode, Skip announces that he is going on a big date with Stacey (guest star Susan Park. Emily (Jenna Elfman) is rather concerned about the date and takes it upon herself to make sure the affair goes off without any problems. Of course, this probably means Emily is only introducing... //